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Kalama Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I have gone to Kalama all my life and most of the teachers are great. In sports we have made state in every sport this year.
I have to say the major highlight to my time in Kalama High school was the kind of relationship the school has with the community due to Kalama being such a small community as it is this helps build a relationship through an assortment of volunteering work for citizens and students. Not only that but there is deep history for this town and everyone in it where teachers and their grandparents were students at this school and this school is just a historical monument to many generations. But this school has plenty of room to improve though cause our school lacks a lot of opportunities that other high schools have and what needs to change is the courses available because us students lack the knowledge on how to handle the business world when it comes to life skills, balancing budgets, or paying for taxes our generation is becoming less knowledgeable and that needs to change.
The community is mostly nice. Not very many options for classes or extra curricular activities. Teachers are overall very great at what they do.
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I have enjoyed attending school in Kalama. I have been given the opportunity to take AP classes and earn college credits.

If I could change anything it would be to offer Chemistry. This year the class was canceled and I was really looking forward to it. I worked my four year high school schedule around taking chemistry my senior year.
High school is the best time of my life. I made the best friendships, and learned so much. I have gone to Kalama since Kindergarten and I love how close everyone can be at this school and how comfortable everyone makes you feel.
To put it simply this school is okay. It has a decent learning environment but its small size keeps it from becoming a higher level school. Very few clubs and activities are offered and only one foreign language. If a problem occurs with a teacher then there is a possibility that an entire class could be dropped (has happened twice in my four years). The teachers are all generally pretty good with a few exeptions. Altogether its not the best and not the worst school.
Kalama doesn't have a large variety.
Kalama offers a few extracurricular opportunities.
Kalama has never offered me much.
Only a handful of teachers are great.
There's not much funding, so we are behind a little in the case of books and up-to-date information with that, but the teachers work with what they have very well and give students a good understanding.
Teachers are leaders of after school sports and care about how you preform in the classroom and compete on the field, court, or mat.
It's a small school with not much to do besides the after school sports programs. Some groups of the kids are great people to hang around with but you have to watch out for who you do hangout with, because again, it's a small school and if you do something, word gets around fast.
Certain teachers are knowledgeable in their subjects and can teach it very well to a class, others struggle in leading a class, but do well one on one. Again, same with grading styles, some are consistent in their grading while others seem more harshly.
A popular class at Kalama High School is Honors English. It provides an opportunity for students to advance in English class, although this class is an option that you have the ability to choose from.
The High School includes many different opportunities for students.
Overall, my High School is a positive environment to be in all the time. The bullying and misbehavior on campus is very well controlled by the staff and parents.
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The teachers at my HIgh School are outgoing and trustworthy, they take the extra time to get students of all different skill levels the help that they may need. Teachers at my school are positive and clear while teaching. They take the time to allow students to ask questions about anything that they don't fully understand.
The amount of security is suitable for the school.
Not a lot of options, but it makes sense when it comes to the size of this school.
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