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I had a very positive experience as a student at Justin, but that was largely due to my participation in sports, AP/Honors classes, and particularly retreats & leadership. I liked the small (but not too small) feel of the school, and liked that I knew everybody in my class. I felt very college ready because of the honors/AP courses I took (specifically in English) but other areas (science) were lacking. The religion classes are a complete joke and waste of time. The administration is a mess, and quite frankly, doesn't seem to care much about the students. The school as a whole is ridiculously concerned with their image, to a point where they will exhaust endless resources to cover up scandals, student misconduct (including sexual assault), etc. Most of the people I knew were on scholarships. Don't believe everything you hear. If you decide to go here, GO on the retreats, branch out, don't be afraid to meet people. Join leadership. Get involved.
Awesome! Really great. Amazing! So good. I would definitely send my kid here. Best school ever. Can’t mess up going here.
Justin has changed my life completely. I never knew coming in that I would create such an amazing group of friends in a very welcoming and safe environment.
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Justin-Siena is a great college-preparatory high school. My only real complaint is the mandatory Catholic-related stuff that they force the entire school community to participate in every so often.
As a school the staff is particularly exceptional, hardworking and overall I have no complaints about the adults and alumni revolving around the school community. However the same can not be said for the students of the school. Many instances of intense racism, bullying and prejudice over come the beauty and opportunities the school provides its students. There is also a lack of diversity and some favoritism towards students and families with large funds.
Being an international student in the United States is a challenging process for many others in the same situation. However, once I started attending Justin-Siena, I felt like home. The student body and the teachers welcomed me and always gave me the support I needed to succeed. The club life at Justin-Siena is very rich and rewarding because it was by participating in those activities that I made friends and developed my english and social skills.
I love the community and the all heart idea that the school has for everyone. What I want to see improve is the diversity it has for different students.
Justin-Siena is an incredibly welcoming and open school with a close-knit community and top-notch academics. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
Small school. More attention is out to you by teachers. Very social and welcoming school. A big cliquey, but overall pretty chill.
Justin-Siena is an amazing college preparatory high school in the Napa Valley. The teachers and coaches are committed to the growth and excellence of the students, and the community is amazingly supportive, loving, and close. Students are able to have intimate relationships with all faculty, whether teachers, coaches, or administrators.
It is a tight knit community that provides high quality education, a diverse offering of activities, and always makes you feel welcomed and wanted.
I loved my experience at Justin Siena. The opportunities provided to students are limitless, and every student has the chance to achieve greatness. It is a small community so everyone gets to know each other quickly, and the feelings of love and belonging are abundant on campus. I participated in leadership and theatre and had the time of my life. The teachers really try to connect with students in order to give them the best education possible, and everyone is rooting for you there! If you can afford to send your kids there, I highly recommend it!
The many communities I became a part of during my time at Justin-Siena through academics, athletics, and religious experiences will be the most valuable to me throughout my life.
It's been a great experience. Most of my classes are interesting, engaging and useful and I've learned a lot. There are cliques and stuff but everybody is incredibly open and welcoming and ready to make friends, with no beating up or bullying. I've had great support and it's a small, safe environment.
I absolutely loved Justin-Siena. It was the best decision I ever made. Everything about it; the engaging classes, the amazing and inspiring teachers that I had the privilege of knowing, the inclusive and very spirited school community, how it is service oriented, the way it is centered around faith and love in all that we do, and just the incredible people that make up Justin-Siena made my high school experience the best it can be. Justin-Siena is such an inclusive school because it welcomes people from all cultures through the exchange program. It is also well known for the arts. I participated in the musicals and choir throughout high school which were honestly my absolute favorite memories from high school. Overall, Justin-Siena really prepared me for college because of the challenging academics, the way things were done, and the kind of environment I was surrounded by during my time there.
This school offers clubs and a few annual service trips during the school year. It's up to the students if they want to be involved in extracurricular activities.
So far I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience of being a student at Justin-Siena. The school goes above and beyond with school rallies, sports events, masses, food, service trips, clubs, and everything else they have to offer. They really try to involve the entire student body and make everyone feel included and welcomed. It is very service oriented and they really care about helping others. The staff and students always work hard to put together events behind the scenes, sometimes even without any recognition for it. This school had tons of spirit and motivation towards everything and really cares about each other since its a small school where everyone is familiar with each other. I would choose this school again if I could do it all over because I have made tons of special friendships and connections with teachers, and I feel like this school really cares about who you are as a person and helps you whenever you need it.
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The teachers are always available if you need help and are very passionate about what they're teaching. They are very knowledgeable and sometimes gives you challenges to help you learn. All the teachers have unique teaching styles and are very up to date with technology. They really try to incorporate class discussions and want everyone to be engaged. They are very welcoming and are always very nice.
Takes way to much time and is way to expensive
MOST of the teachers are amazing but the few who aren't bring down my rate.
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