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um it’s okay i guess some teachers are just rude :/ & don’t understand when a kid needs extra time on work or why something is late. many people don’t know what actually goes on at peoples house & SOME not ALL teachers rush & throw work at us like crazy. i mean it is what it is but still it’s okay i guess it might get better never know :)
What I like about J.P. Taravella High School is that it makes it easier for student to get involved in sports or clubs that they may be interested in. When I first came to the school, there were flyers all around the school for various activities- like the SHAPE club, Spanish club, robotics and Chemistry club. There are also large bulletin boards centered around sports; not just popular sports like football and track, but for other sports like swimming. The school website also has tabs with the contact information for coaches/club leaders. Thanks to J.P. Taravella making it easier for students to find their niche, I myself was able to join the swim team,SHAPE club, National Honors Society, and the robotics club.
Teachers and staff do not care about teaching children. Most difficult school to get help for students. If you have a choice to attend a different school. Move to a different county. Broward county public schools do not care about your child.
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My overall experience was filled with ups and downs, the school overall has a very nice staff. When you are actually connected to others through clubs, sports, and events you find yourself enjoying the school more. I personally was able to join Fashion club, along with lacrosse, basketball and Mentoring tomorrow's leaders. I was able to find my future career through fashion club at the school and was still enjoy my second passion of playing sports. Being involved ultimately changes the experience of the school.
Overall my experience at J.P. Taravella has been a good one. The school definitely has a lot to offer if you want to take advantage of it. There are several clubs and extra curricular activities that are offered as well as an academic schedule.
It is a school of diversity. So many people from different cultural backgrounds. But I was able to find my niche with my baseball brothers. Great baseball program. As for admin and teachers, they want to help but the teacher to student ratio is too low. Need smaller classroom sizes so that teachers can manage student needs better.
While almost a quarter of my learning at Taravella was online schooling, I was still able to get a solid grasp of the overall environment. I gave J.P. Taravella 2 points because I loved the opportunities that were provided to me through academics and extracurricular activities. Though I improved as a person, there were multiple discrepancies that the school needs to fix. For instance, the guidance counselors take extremely wrong to reply and do anything in their power to avoid doing work. I had to wait for almost a month into my senior year to geta small part of my schedule fixed. Not to mention, there isn't much school spirit at Taravella. There are bad reputations within the school, and I unfortunately can understand why. I wish nothing more than to see a strong familial identity form at Taravella, but it is very unlikely. As a student, though I understand there are better schools, I wouldn't of wanted my high school career to go any other way.
I love my high school. They provide over 20 career pathway classes and they care about our future. Our principal does a lot to improve the school on a monthly basis, and she truly loves all of us students. We have a great social scene and the school is very diverse.
I enjoyed being a student. Teachers were nice, and the activities available for students were well planned and thoughtful.
JPT has an interesting mix of people seeing as its on the boarder of Tamarac and Coral Springs, which brings in different kinds of kids. The honors teachers were high quality but I would not recommend lower classes.
J.P Taravella High School is an awesome school. It has a variety of classes, clubs, and activities. Especially the teachers, they do an amazing job at teaching their students.
It is a decent school. The teachers and staff are trying their hardest the most students are okay.
I went to J.P. Taravella High School all four years of high school. Going to Taravella was a great experience. I participated in the band/color guard program for 3 years.
Great progams and inspiring teachers. This school allows for a great education and a diversity of different cultures.
Overall it was good. The teachers there are really nice and respectful. Each class has their own unique teachers, which is something I really like because we learned something new from them everyday.
My four years at J.P. Taravella High was bittersweet. During my last two years the school began to change its culture. Several teachers left and administration began to crack down on students.
i think its an overall great school with friendly students. there is lots of diversity so if you want to send your kid here you wouldnt have to worry about discrimination.
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The staff isn’t the best, especially when speaking of the nonexistent counselors. However, there are teachers in this school that will change your life for the better; teachers who you will remember for a lifetime. The school isn’t close to perfect, but if you look hard enough, there are people in this school who will have an everlasting impact on your life.
J.P Taravella offers many opportunities any diversity for students to experience but lacks the final preparation in using that to teach students how to take advantage of it. However, there is a new principle who I believe improved the school’s atmosphere and will continue to make J.P Taravella excel in all criteria. A major concern is administration and the lack of effort for pushing all students to be prepared for life after high-school. Overall the school’s performance meets average.
Taravella is a high school that offers a variety of extracuriculars which a postive in having that option. Another excellent aspect of the school is the wide variety of career paths offered all things incuding teaching, culinary, law enforcement, military, and medicine. Many good sports teams aswell including Baseball, basketball, and lacrosse. Not to mention award winning theatre and band programs. The acedemic area is also very wide, that includes genetics, forensics, many AP classes, HOSA, and other exlusive classes. Although it it normal in a school for not all tachers what you desire, there are many who can be very strict with deadlines, giving little to no understanding to the student even if it is something out of their control, the student would receive an incomplete grade for the assignment. Which is something that should be fixed because life does happen and as students we are learning, and if a student slips up once they should still be able to turn in their assignement.
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