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The thing that I like about Josephinum Academy is how they have open arms and how they are able to provide financial aid to the students who might not be able to support the the students who are not able to afford to go to the school on their own. If I could change anything about Josephinum, I would change how much the tuition cost so more girls are able to come into the school with out being out of money due to the financial aid.
I love Josephinum Academy because it gives me a sense of community and family. The school is located in a very safe neighborhood. The teachers are outstanding in their professionalism and connect to students on deep levels.
As an alum from the school I can say that the teacher's compassion for the students success is very well good because unlike most teacher they want to make sure you have everything that you need to be college ready.
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Friends and teachers are great! Wall-to-wall IB was the worst decision to have ever been made along with the terrible lunches.
Josephinum is very diverse school environment. There is so many caring teachers and faculty there. They all want to see you succeed throughout your school year and encourage you to do better and that there is always room for improvement.
The teachers at this school are very friendly but the education is low. There are no AP classes here because it's IB and the honor classes are learning almost the same thing as the regular classes. The things that are taught here are basically a review of eighth grade work. The clubs here are great, which is something everyone likes here. Once a sophmore, gym class is only for current people. There are sports here like soccer, basketball and volleyball. I would love to see a change in the education and gym for everyone.
I am very pleased with this school. My daughter is attending her freshman year here and she really enjoys it. The teachers and staff all seem genuine and care for the students.
I’m reallt glad that I got to attend this high school. It was a great overall experience, and it helped shape me into the person I am. The teachers I had were there for me to help me succeed both as a person and as a student. The best things about the school is how friendly and welcoming the staff was to us students.
What I like about Josephinum Academy is that every, I mean EVERYONE is always there to help you with anything you need. School, home problems, friendship problems, relationship problems, anything. Everyone there wants to see you do great in life and wants you to do your very best and they all know you can.
The teachers are some of the most uplifting and helpful people I have ever met. They go above and beyond to be the best guide to each and every student. They recognize the rigorous curriculum is challenging on everyone and try to make the classroom a safe space to express our need and talk about our areas of struggle.
I like how Josephinum Academy has a good safety policy and more. But Josephinum really needs to work on their teachers. Some teachers are very rude and nasty. They have no African American teachers at all and I would like to see more of that.
I was pleasantly surprised when I started my freshmen year at Josephinum. I originally didn't want to attend an All-Girls school but after a while I can to love the school. One of the best things about this school is how committed each of the teachers and faculty are. They truly care about their students and will do everything they can to see their students succeed and go off to college or figure out what they want to do after high school. It's rare to find such a happy and laid back atmosphere like the one I found in Josephinum. Becuase of the five goals of the sacred heart, the faculty and staff give the students wise freedom which allows the students to grow and feel like the school is a safe and fun place to be at.
Josephinum is a caring school , they really try to make sure all students are feeling welcomed there and same as with the teachers.
An all-girl, Sacred Heart education is a unique experience I wish more young women knew about. Going to school everyday and not being afraid to speak up built my confidence so much that I went from a shy girl to a member of the debate team.
Something I like most about Josephinum Academy is its small population. Because this community is so small, there are plenty of opportunities to take on leadership positions and complete service. Speaking of service... Josephinum is a member of the Sacred Heart Network of Schools, so there are plenty of opportunities to complete service projects across the country. One famous service project is at the Sprout Creek Farm in New York.
I really enjoyed my time at Josephinum. All the teachers at this school are amazing, and they really care about their students. When it came to helping students pick out colleges, the counselors were great about helping pick your right choice and finding as much scholarships and financial aid as possible. Honestly the worse thing at the school was probably the food, but what high school actually has good food?
What I would like to see different about the school is the food menu. They need to add the salad bar back like freshman year through junior year.
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What I love about Josephinum is you become a part of a family. At josephinum you are never alone. When I was younger I did not have a lot of friends. I was a shy girl who always kept to myself. At josephinum I found myself surrounded by people who were just like me. I found a family that would be there for me.
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It's amazing place to be. Everyone are very helpful and kind. It's like having a family there.
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