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Josephine Locke Elementary School Reviews

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When I was in Locke, I learned a lot and overall the experience was great. I made a lot of friends there, met awesome teachers. The teachers seemed passionate about their work. The thing that I feel like makes Locke outstanding is the fact that it is an IB school.
There are not enough after school activities for students. Students do get the high school feeling with changing classes and having multiple teachers teach different subjects. The school is well rounded and provides excellent resources for students.
I am a student here and its really nice. A lot of teachers care and encourage the students to always email them if needed and to ask questions. When your childs grades are dropping they schedule meetings to help them get back on track. There really improving it with the new field. Also there are many after school programs like Lady Leader, Crochet, Green Tream, Broadcast, and the computer classrooms are open if needed.
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They need a healthier menu. The food was too greasy.
It's ok, but not the best
It helps every student if they need help. They try to separate kids by rankings to know who are the ones in the most needs.
It was a great school with an amazing faculty. I lived their rotating system from class to class, it really prepared me for high school.
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