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Jose Marti MAST 6-12 Academy Reviews

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Jose Marti Mast 6-12 Academy is a great school, as it provides academic courses starting from sixth grade up to twelth grade. Great assistance and preparedness for applying and enrolling into top colleges.
Jose Marti MAST is a great option for those who are searching for middle or high school. They have amazing teachers that do their job. The school is small so you know everyone and is easier to communicate with others. The teachers and counselors are always available to help you with any issues that you may have. Overall it is an amazing choice and one that should be taken.
I have had very good teachers who have guided me correctly in the classes. The class that I liked the most was statistics and I would like in the future to be able to link this knowledge with the study of computer science. Thanks to all above I am very proud of is having taken four SAT exams since I started in grade 9 through grade 11, and to see how the results have been getting better and growing. The school staff is always busy looking for the best future for each student. The school has very good counselors.
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Been to the school since 6th Grade, I enjoy the environment and the teachers that push us! There is a lack of diversity, and there are slightly more students who are ok around other races, but do not always understand/respect the cultural difference. All in all it’s as bad as good as any other highly academic STEM school especially a public one.
This school changed my life. I would not be who I am today if I did not attend that school. They have the best teachers and education that is not like any other school in the are. Proud to be called a Silver Knight!
Jose Marti MAST has the best teachers that care about their students. They have access to great academics.
I would like to see more of a distinguishable attitude between high school and middle school students, rather than viewing all as the same level of maturity. This ultimately has led one to feel in an extension of middle school rather than being in high school and there really is no high school experience. However, the education is great and guarantees to get you into college, setting you up for success which will outlive any "high school experience"
Most of the teachers in the school truly care about what they do and the well being of their students. Since the school is so small and is also a 6-12th you will most likely have a teacher more than once which allows you to grow a bond with the teachers which personally makes it easier to learn. The administration and student services staff are always more than happy to help you in any way possible. The most common complaint that comes from the students at this school is the excessive workload and the lack of school sports and spirit events. The workload given to the students although it may be hard, I personally appreciate it because it helps you to be more prepared for the more difficult classes you may be taking in the following grade levels or even in college classes.
This school has given me an influx of different academic opportunities in all the years I've been here. The small environment it provides allows students to get to know their teachers and allow for proficient communication. I would not be going to my dream college in the fall if it wasn't for this school. The only problem is the lack of sports for high-schoolers, but we have the option to partake in sports in other schools. There is a lack of clubs, but it is extremely easy to bring a new club to life at this school, giving even more opportunities to stand out in a college resume. If you want to invest in a better future for yourself or your kids, I recommend Jose Marti Mast 6-12 Academy.
I enjoyed that it is a small school so I received a lot of personal help from teachers and administration that I would not get at another bigger school. This was also a huge advantage because I was able to connect with all my peers and we all became extremely close.
This school is a STEM school that prepare the scientists and mathematicians of the future. This school also taught me about how to balance many hard classes with enough time to do all the work. All in all I would recommend anyone to do to this school.
Jose Marti MAST Academy has been a home to me for 7 years and the faculty and peers in this school have made it all worthwhile. All of the staff in this school truly are committed to the excellence of each and every student. There is always massive support for the accomplishments made by our student body and the administration stands behind us for the most part. The academics here can be challenging but the passion of our teachers makes even the most grueling coursework a rewarding experience.
Jose Marti Mast 6-12 Academy is a great academic school, but it needs to work on its clubs, sports, and activities. For example, there are no high school sports which I think is pathetic because they have more than enough space for an indoor gym or a football field. I care about this because I love sports. Another thing is that very little staff care for the students they say they care, do they really care. For example, the 8th graders had to petition the school to get prom at night and even then they can't have a prom court because it is too much like homecoming which is absolutely ridiculous. So that was my experience at Jose Marti Mast 6-12 Academy.
What I like about Jose Marti Mast Academy is that it's not your typical school. Everyone there is focused on their grades and education. But what I wish I could change about this school is the way the school is structured and spends its money, for example, there are no sports or games for the high school kids to go and feel more connected to the school. And most of the time there is no money to change a simple door in the girl's bathroom if it gets broken. Most of the administration doesn't really care for the school and just runs it their way and doesn't accept small opinions from the kids on what they can do better.
My experience at Jose Marti Mast 6-12 Academy has been such an amazing experience with my friends, my teachers, and the learning environment is awesome. The school provides many advanced classes that I need to take for college which is good for me. Jose Marti Mast 6-12 Academy is an overall good school with a great staff and great classes needed for life or college.
It’s a learning environment that contains hard working students that never give up and never use excuses as their choices.
I would like my school to have sports, so students like me, can have many more opportunities in getting scholarships. I believe that my school does a good job in reference of discipline. I wish that my school would have more resources when it comes to the programs it offers, for example Art. Also, that the school helps must students with financial need cover things such as school field trips and etc.
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Overall, the teacher are mediocre and do not provide the necessary rigor to prepare students for college. Moreover, there is a lack of effective counseling towards the success of students. They do not provide the creative freedom to students to accomplish their passions in a certain field. AP classes are at the same level as the rest of the class. There are not regular classes, which makes the GPA of everyone be really high as compared to other high school. This high school has a lot of potential, as far as students, however it is not being exploited.
I have attended Jose Marti MAST 6-12 Academy for 7 years. To be the the most of a down side that I got was not being involved in sports like I wanted to growing up. The school has no high school, or band but thats what I signed up for. However I will not replace for anything the bond that I made with my teachers and staff. If I never need something or felt that there was a problem I was able to go to my teachers and receive help. From staying after school to better understand the lesson to just being able to sit down and talk. For any teenager school is hard, has its challenges. Going to Jose Marti MAST in my opinion made being a teenager just a bit easier.
Jose Marti has been my school since I was just a 6th grader and it has become my home, I just wish it had a few more electives/ more diverse clubs but the school is small so its not a wish that would likely come to pass
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