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It’s pretty good all around but there are some real gems. The teachers are awesome and supportive and the atmosphere is good. However, it would be nice to get more AP/CIS courses for more college credit opportunities in high school, but it’s understandable because it’s a small school.
My experience at the jordan high school was pretty good in terms of academic placement and grading. However I would love to see them be harsher on implementing bullying rules and be more aware of the students emotional needs while they attend there.
Jordan High School is a good school. Once I had stepped foot in the school, I had been thought to become an independent student and not to rely on someone else.
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Jordan High School does a good job of spreading awareness about mental health and invites many guests to come speak for the student to encourage them to reach out for help. They have a room set up inside the school for kids who need a little break and a chance to lessen their anxiety. And the staff is very focused on the well being of all the students and they genuinely care. This school is inclusive and friendly, that provides help to those who need it. There is a club for LGBTQ+ students to be open and safe. Teachers are openminded and accepting. However, this school fails to provide for kids who struggle in the classroom, and those kids are often ridiculed by the other students. Bullying there can be a problem because the kids are not openminded and don't have the maturity level to understand. Bullies are often left unpunished.
Overall, Jordan High School has a very good learning environment that allows students to learn and grow!
I really like that the class sizes are smaller, around 30, so that teachers can give students individual attention and help those who are struggling. The only reason I didn't give a 5 star was because there a not a variety of classes that are offered.
With the right mindset, the school can definitely be a blast. Most the teachers are great and the principles and staff care about your safety a lot. The main thing is is they focus so much on the safety and the idea of education more than emotional health. when it comes to getting scholarships during your senior year, good luck is all I can say. They only give scholarships out to people that have well known last names. But other than that the school is fine, i’m glad I want to here rather than most schools in Minnesota.
I like the atmosphere there, my only concern is that the students won't be able to have a true high school experience.
I overall really enjoyed my experience at Jordan High School. The academics are excellent, the sports teams are amazing, and the teachers are all supportive, caring, and understanding. The only thing that they could improve upon is their food quality and availability!
As someone steps foot into Jordan Public schools they are in awe on what they see. The tight-knit community that the families, students, teachers, coaches, and administrators bring is astonishing. Plus, many students, especially student-athletes, volunteer at the Jordan Elementary school. It allows the community to bond and creates a prideful reputation for Jordan. At Jordan Public Schools, there's a wide range of diversity and interests but everybody blends well together. This is because of the variety of different activities that they provide, which include theater, sports, music, robotics, and more. Each student strives to be better and that is because the teachers and administrators push them to their greatest potential.
My experience at jordan high school has been overall very positive. The teachers truly care about you and your ability to succeed and that honestly has been such a help to me getting through high school. They have always been preparing us for the real world, like taking careers class and helping us guide where we were meant to go in life, and creating a resume, and SNAP class where they helped us with college readiness. Sports are awesome at Jordan, but i feel like they prioritize sports a little too much over other things in the school. we have very little diversity, but it is growing, and they don't have a lot of clubs and activities. If trying to start one its very hard to maintain. Overall jordan is a very good community with a awesome high school and i wouldn't think twice about putting my own child in this school.
Very few opportunities for most career options. Counselor discourages PSEO. Bullying very prevalent. Teachers okay.
My favorite part about JHS was the teachers because they really care about their students. I also enjoyed the opportunity to take summit learning classes and volunteer at the elementary school. Both these experiences helped prepare me for my future career. Overall, I liked school and enjoyed going there each day, but one negative part was that I never had friends. I also wish the school could have offered more creative elective courses.
I think one of the best parts of this school and my experience here definitely had to do with the teachers. For the first time in my high school career, I was able to actually connect and feel comfortable in a classroom. Since the district is pretty small it's not hard to form a relationship with the staff that really does make it so much easier to thrive and succeed. Having understanding teachers and people around you can do so much.
Jordan is a small town with around 150 students per grade. In a class, there are about 20-30 students.
I love the small town feel of the school. we all know each other and can help everyone with problems they have because we are a close-knit school. I think the teachers are fantastic and amazing at engaging with students. I'd love to see the clubs grow more within the school and to create even more ways to get involved.
I love the Jordan High School and would highly recommend attending! The teachers are committed to their jobs and truly want their students to succeed. There are a variety of classes so you will never be bored! Also, although the grades are small, they are full of kind students that you will want to get to know!
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I have liked learning at Jordan High School. The teachers are very helpful and are good at what they do. They have helped me learn and have allowed me to become a great student.
Jordan High School has a lot to offer. To start, there are many different opportunities for students to get college credits through different classes and collaborations with colleges nearby. Additionally, there are many activities offered to students.
I like that Jordan is a small town safe environment. Family friendly.
I would change the lack of pushing students to be better, to be more. It's too soft and pampered.
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