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Joppatowne high school is a place where every student can be themselves and interact with other in harmony. The first school in the nation to have a Homeland Security Program which teaches students(including me) the ins and outs of keeping our country safe. 3 major strands are the GSI mapping, forensic science and criminal justice.
it's like a small school but a big family. I never thought i would like it when i first started school there my sophomore year, but most people were really nice. the teachers definitely know what they are doing and the students are quite intelligent as well
Overall Joppatowne was an okay experience as a student. from 10-12th grade, I've found some excellent people and surrounded myself with them, stuck by them and they've made the school experience great. The school itself is subpar at best.
Teachers range from amazing to god awful, the culture also isn't that good but the clubs are fun, our sports are great and the school spirit for that is good however, the overall spirit and culture of joppatowne is low. Not that much parent involvement. PTA support seems quite low this year as well as the resources our school receives due to it not being an inner-city school. Inner-city schools in Baltimore get way more funding, unfortunately.
Wouldnt change my high school experience for anything else though.
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Over my four years, I have had a great experience with Joppatowne High School. It may not be the prettiest or best-equipped school, but the experiences and people I have encountered have been great. The teachers are amazing, and truly want to help; I have not encountered a bad teacher. There aren't as many opportunities as other schools, but there are plenty for the vast majority of people. Probably the best opportunity is the Homeland Security program, which I have never heard anything bad about.
I came to Joppatowne during the second quarter of my sophomore year. The people were nice for the most part, and the teachers really cared about your education. The only thing I would love to change would be more school involvement. Fun events to get everyone to show school spirit!
I overall enjoyed my experience at Joppatowne, the teachers are easy to talk to about any problem and they do a good job of making sure students safety is the top priority. However the school also lacks in many areas such as sports, food, and clubs. There are very few clubs, the lunch is average, and sports at Joppatowne has to be the worst in the county.
Joppatowne High School is in fact the worst school in Harford County. The environment of the school is horrible. The walls are bare with a couple posters here and there that have been up for years. The walls are brick with no paint which makes the hallways and classrooms dark. The whole school just gives anyone a feeling of depression.
It was fairly easy to graduate from joppatowne high school. The coursework was not so challenging and if you apply yourself you will pass. But the school does a horrible job of preparing students for college. Which is a major concern for me, I'm pretty good with figuring things out on my own. But it would've been a great help if they at least provided better information about going into college. Instead of sending most students to the local community college.
Overall, Joppatowne was a great School, the teachers care personally about each and every student. They work to push us all harder and harder each day because they know that we are capable of more. The students vary, some care and some don't, the staff at Joppatowne strives to ensure that the students who care, or even don't care, about their academics receive equal opportunity. I loved my time at Joppatowne High School and it is all because of the amazing teachers and staff that worked so hard to make sure each and every one of us were more than prepared for our next big journey.
I truly enjoyed my time at Joppatowne. I love that each teacher there gives their all when it comes to their teaching/lessons. Every teacher I had made sure I felt comfortable to express myself and ask for help when needed. I do believe that the school needs more teachers due to a rise in students.
they're cutting funding even though our school is broke enough as it is.

Joppatowne high school is a place where everybody knows everybody. I wouldn't equate to a place of acceptance but rather that nobody cares. It's a place where there is virtually no bullying, but in place of it there is teasing and playfulness, I wouldn't call it bullying. However, there is a huge disconnect with school spirit, nobody has it. Everyone's belief their skills and abilities especially in sports is dead. No one ever wants to give it their all, because it's believed to not be worth it, just to lose. Their is also no funding/emphasis on more academically competitive teams such as academic/quiz bowl and speech and debate which is truthfully sad. I believe there is a lot of capability in the students of Joppatowne, but nobody wants to give them the time of day including themselves. It's really sad honestly.
Joppatowne was overall a good school as far as giving us the education we needed. One thing I would like to change is the meals we get for lunch. Our school is poor and barely get enough food to fill us up during lunch
Personally, my experience with Joppatowne High School was good. The teachers and staff were amazing and I've never had a serious problem with the school itself. The students were the main problem as most people do not have the desire to play sports, or get involved with school activities that are supposed to be fun, such as spirit week and homecoming. However, you cannot change or control the student body as a whole. One thing I love about Joppatowne is that it's a small building so everyone knows each other. There aren't any mainstream social groups nor is there bullying, which is fully appreciated. Overall, I enjoyed my high school experience.
The environment was for the most part safe and functional. My teachers helped to better my work ethic. I was fully prepared for what I may encounter in college.
I loved it here!! Not only did I successfully finish high school here but I also created the most wonderful memories ever of my life!!
It was a fairly good school. Teachers are willing to help if you want to help yourself. Highest challenge are the Advanced placement classes
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The teachers were good and worked well with the students. The principal was not very helpful. The school seems to only be concerned about sports and the homeland program. the students there are very disrespectful. Always students roaming the halls. The teachers do what they can and there are some students that do care and try to make a change but they do not outweigh the ones that simply do not care. overall it isn't entirely good at all but it wasn't the worst ever.
Joppatowne High School was a great experience to me. I've made throughout these four years that I wouldn't to ever get ride of. The community of JHS is loving, and mostly welcoming. For this high school to have suck a bad name in our local community, it isn't as bad as I would've thought.
Aside from the building being underfunded, somewhat dirty, and lacking basic resources; the teachers and community are very good.
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