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It's a great location, but it can be a long commute if you live farther away from downtown. It has good academics but somewhat limited course offerings compared to other schools like Lane Tech.
Jones College Prep is an amazing school if you get the chance to attend. The buildings are well kept and offer great resources for students like computer labs, a library, and so many classrooms. The staff are friendly and the security guards care for the students. I also like how the dress code is lenient. Students are also nice and care about their work while still able to have fun.
The school has a really positive environment when it comes to individuality and supporting one another. There is a lot of friendly competition and everyone is respectful of each other's backgrounds and identities.
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The building is very new and clean, it makes the atmosphere for learning easier. The teachers are very kind and most of them look for ways to help. The school has many activities that bring the students together, such as pep rallies (even though we have no football team). The school is diverse which may be new to some students. This can be exciting and scary for some students, I assume. Nonetheless being in a community with new ideas is necessary for development.
I would say that Jones is a generally good school. I definitely learn a lot from the teachers and large variety of students that I have come to know. I also like that there are so many programs and clubs available for students to be able to join communities and connect with others. One thing that I wish were emphasized more from the time of my freshman year is the importance of preparation for the post-secondary planning process. I wish that the counselors had been more vocal with us about preparing a list of potential colleges and majors for those of us who choose to attend college after graduation. I also would've liked if the distribution of this information had been more equally dispersed over the four years of our attendance. Regardless of these things, I think that Jones has been a good fit for me and I have been able to develop my personal characteristics and learning style through the work that I have accomplished at this school.
Academically, Jones will prepare you for college and then some. My issues with it stem from its competitive culture that expects privilege in all students and looks down on those who do not have it. There are opportunities offered to students for extracurriculars and jobs, but these are very time consuming and hard to keep up with when you factor in workload.
I really enjoyed going to school there. I met a lot of great people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Something I would like to see changed is the percentage of our grade that our final makes up. It is worth 20% of our grade while other selective enrollment schools have 10% finals.
The teachers genuinely care about the students. If you need help, they are open to sharing their advice. The facilities are clean, the new building has lots of natural light and the old building is cozy. The educational opportunities are endless and as rigorous as you'd like them to be.
Jones requires a lot of hard work, but I feel like they’re preparing me really well for college. I have learned a lot and genuinely feel like I’ve gotten smarter in my two and a half years here. The teachers are a bit hit or miss, but all care about their job.
As an African-American genderfluid transfer student coming from a primarily white, catholic, private school, Jones was the perfect place for me to start a new. Of course, it is hard to fit into the school since people have formed their groups by the end of their Freshman year. The community is very diverse and open. There are some issues with the teachers when it comes to understanding the stress students are under and how competitive it is (and it is EXTREMELY competitive, even though there is no real reason to be). Most teachers are great, but there are some that are terrible when it comes to talking to students who are on the verge of a mental breakdown from stress.
It's pretty cool and diverse. There's not really a dress code which is amazing and the people come from all around Chicago. If you're thinking about going then try being more social and open minded, not shy and quiet because then you won't have the best possible experience. Also make sure to work hard from the very beginning and join the clubs you want.
It's a really good school with a nice culture among the students. Even though we are academically rigorous we always help each other reach their best potential, we don't get jealous if someone score higher we are genuinely happy for them.
The good thing about jones is the diversity. The fact that there are so many people and all from different cultures is super fascinating. Jones is also very helpful when it comes to trying to figure out what you want to do in the future. They have all kinds of class for all kinds of purposes. The thing I’d like to see change at jones is the execution of diversity. It’s good I’m record to be diverse, but I wish it was more communication among different cultures. I want to see my school have better school spirit and more uplifting with each other.
The teachers actually care about the students' wellbeing, not only academics. The school itself is beautiful and it has a wide variety of diversity of clubs, sports, and things to get involved in. The CTE Pre-Law program was my personal favorite feature Jones, but they also offer Pre-Engineering programs as well as 7+ language course options.
Overall, I have loved my time at Jones. I transferred here my sophomore year and was welcomed by most everybody, and had no trouble making friends. The student body is an incredibly diverse and interesting group of students- everybody is so smart and talented. Almost everyone I have met has their own passion or skill set. The club culture at Jones is also top-notch. Students can create their own clubs easily- my friend started the Robotics team his freshman year, and now they've placed in competitions. That said, there are some things I would change if I could. The lack of school spirit at Jones is astounding. There is class spirit in which each grade has pride in their own class, not as a whole for Jones. The administration can devise some unnecessary rules. They restricted the places we can put up posters to just a single bulletin board on each floor, which makes walking through the lobby and some hallways feel very industrial and takes away from the high school feel.
From a parent's perspective, communication is abysmal. Rarely get important information n a timely manner.
Jones is diverse when referring to the variety of neighborhoods that all of the students come from. However, racial diversity at Jones has slowly declined over time. The food is just like every other CPS school's food. The lunch ladies are very nice and funny which often makes up for the lunches.
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I am currently a sophomore at Jones College Prep. Coming from a non-diverse neighborhood, the amount of diversity in this school is a nice change in scenery. The school itself is beautiful with its glass walls and structure. The facilities are cleanly and always cared for. The teachers are helpful and do not judge students. Despite being a selective enrollment school, there is little academic stress on the students. It is easy to balance academics and extracurriculars with help from the people around you. The janitorial staff is so nice and is always ready to assist anyone.
Jones has provided me with a safe zone that allowed me to grow and become comfortable with myself. It has wonderful teachers who I grew deep connections with, even if I had them for only one year. The bonds I create and the friends you make truly impacted my way of life. Moreover, the courses are challenging enough that I feel so successful every time I solve one problem. However, the school is not perfect but it is very supportive and I have no regrets choosing this school as my permanent school.
I attended this school as the new building had just been built. I was nervous to attend at first, but it was the best decision I have ever made. The people there are strong and smart which brought a powerful dynamic to the social justice within the school. The teachers are great and the academics are challenging. I was very well prepared for college from this institution. The environment is safe, modern, and very cool being downtown.
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