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I am a current student at Johnston Senior High School. The school has a great teaching curriculum and challenges everyone to do well. The school provides Silver Cord tutors if somebody is struggling. The school cares about its students and I am grateful for this school for helping me grow as a person.
Johnston High School gives opportunities to every student that walks through their doors. There are key points why this school is excellent for all of their students that come everyday to learn and expand their knowledge. Teacher involvement is a characteristic that I see in my school stand out a lot. Teachers greet and wait by the doors as they watch their students enter the classroom. They ask everyone how their day has been and take time off of teaching to talk to us. This is important to everyone because you never know what could be happening to students when they leave the classroom. Even if they have the biggest smile inside of school, they could be a different person outside of school. You never know what could be happening in someone’s life, and this little break off of teaching to get to talk with the students about life can do a lot of positive things. The little act of kindness also makes us feel safe and know that the teachers would protect us under any circumstance.
Overall I had a good experience at Johnston. I attended there for four years, and through those years I felt like I was receiving a really quality education. My senior year, I got to be the first graduating class out of the new building, which I felt was really special. Johnston was like my second family, even though there were over 500 students in my graduating class. Sometimes I wish I could go back, but I feel like they prepared me really well for life after high school.
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The school is obviously very new. The new building has served the students greatly and the technology that comes with it is also very helpful for classes and schoolwork. The only downside is that the building is too new and the school board doesn't allow any posters or club fliers to be hung up on the walls. Often, information doesn't get out to students and there is little participation in school events or fundraisers because of this.
Johnston offers many opportunities for its students within a wide range of activities and clubs. They not only focus on athletics but have many other extracurriculars that are also competitive. There are also a lot of resources for students in preparation for after high school who choose to not attend college.
Johnston Senior High School is a great school to attend. It has fun activities throughout the year to make your high school experience a good one.
Johnston High School is a good school district, but in the years I
have attended school with them the quality has slowly but surely sunk. It seems like the really exceptional teachers are leaving, so the teachers who are left (of course, not all of them) can be a bit iffy. That being said, the school will work with students and families to make sure everything goes smoothly.
My experience at Johnston High School has been so amazing. I transferred my junior year (currently a junior) and I have no regrets. I feel like there are more open opportunities for me here. They have a lot of clubs, sports etc to choose from. Although if I had to change one thing it would probably be the lack of diversity at the school. It seems like one race is represented more than others. I would like to see more people of color in the future.
Johnston is a relatively balanced school, athletics and art take an equal share of the daily announcements. The school is predominantly white rich kids, but strong efforts are made to increase and embrace diversity. There are a number of social equity clubs: GSA, CORE, and We the People. While there are always crappy teenage boys, the vast majority of the student body is smart, kind, and respectful. There are a few great AP options and opportunities to take classes with Central Academy and DMACC. Only French and Spanish are taught here. Math classes extend to BC calculus. Science classes include bio, chem, and physics, and their ap counterparts. English classes only last 1 semester, and normally aren’t very rigorous. This is a good school to attend, solid 8.3/10.
The building itself is brand new and therefore extremely nice. However we have a lot of faulty desks and chairs in the classrooms as well as commons areas the hall monitors don't let us use. The school board also made scheduling very inconvenient and honestly just a nuisance to seniors who deserve some slack during their last year of high school. Also, from the move to the new building we left a lot of our old traditions behind which is really sad and makes the new building bland and character-less.
Great school spirit, there's always something going on and students are very involved in sports, clubs, and activities. New high school opened 2017-2018 school year, the facilities are excellent and the building is clean and well-maintained. Wonderful staff members, it's easy to build a relationship with all the teachers. There's a good selection of AP classes that really prepare you for college level coursework. Although there is a lot of students, the Johnston school district really makes and effort to connect all students and parents in the community.
Johnston Sr. High school is an R.I. high school whose stars are the faculty. If you develop a relationship with the right teachers/administration, you will gain access to multiple resources you may never have known were available. It is important that you ASK. Tell them about your goals and ask what can be done to get you closer to them. There a lot of hidden angels strewn around the classrooms, library, and guidance office. Of course there will be those counselors/teachers that turn you down or discourage you. If this happens, please look for someone else to talk to. They can help you with testing finances, college applications, job opportunities, and even college tours.
There's a lot I would change in this school. Most of the bathrooms are always locked, they always smell like weed, and about half of the stalls in the girl's bathrooms don't even have locks.
JHS has brand new, amazing building. I never had problems with any of my teachers and they were always willing to help when I asked for it. The only concern with that is, because there are so many students that attend JHS most teachers will not seek you out if you are struggling, you have to approach them.
Overall, my experience in high school was decent. If you are involved in choir or sports, you most likely will feel welcomed and have a better experience. I say that because during my time there, it felt like the faculty and staff praised the students involved in those two areas. I managed to get through the high school experience thanks to the friends I made there and the teachers I had that made me feel welcomed. However, I hope that this school becomes successful in getting more involved with the mental health issues it has a history with.
The teachers were great which made the education excellent. I feel well prepared for college and feel Johnston is the one that prepared me for that.
It isn’t great the school is really cliche and stuck up. Some teachers are good but a lot of them don’t like being corrected.
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According to statistics, Johnston High School is one highest ranking schools in the Des Moines merto in academics. While academics are great, the teachers aren't the best. Most students would say they don't teach and usually favor some students over others.
If you were a student at JHS, you would need to find a way to fit in. Usually that includes being in a sport, club, or extracurricular activity. If you were not, you would be an outcast. The culture of JHS is mostly centered around sports and the individual themselves.
I would like to see the teachers engaging the students into learning rather then leading them to disliking the class. I would also like to see some more classes being added to the school as it is limited right now compared to other nearby schools.
It’s a clean school, and we have a nice new building, but administration wouldn’t let us decorate it or make it our own building. Even when they told us they built the new high school for us. Administration also kept us in the dark about a lot of things, and wouldn’t listen to us.
I would like to see more community involvement in the school so that we can learn more about what's going on outside our high school walls.
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