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Johnsburg High School is a very good school. The people there are good people who are always willing to help. As a freshman, it feels very new and exciting, and I could not be more excited for my next few years.
My experience with the high school was overall a good one. There is definitely a small town feel and sense of community as well. Teachers are up and down. Some are good while some aren’t. The cafeteria food isn’t good, although there’s usually a good meal or two a week.
I liked some of the teachers here actually took the time to teach the students because they had a true passion. I also loved the sports, clubs, and community. But, I didn't like that some teacher didn't care that much and didn't teach us that well and the rules in high like the phone pockets.
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Above average academic teaching that allows students to get as much out as they put it. Students who do not want to succeed don't, but those that put in work are rewarded with excellent college preparedness.
The old gym's floor is dusty and slippery. Some teachers let the students suck up to them in inappropriate and sometimes sexual ways. Some teachers are chill like Mr Uthe and Mr Brezak and mr hadden. Others though, are too strict and move too fast. Some teachers are hypocritical.
Growing up in Johnsburg and attending high school here was a great experience overall. The staff was friendly and I always felt safe and happy to go to school. I had good grades and felt a connection to each teacher I had. Overall, the school had a very positive impact on me and I will forever miss the memories made here.
Johnsburg High School staff is vey understanding for students who are going through a rough time at home, which is extremely comforting for students.
I am currently a senior at Johnsburg High School, and one of the best characteristics about the students in our school is our spirit. Students are passionate about the clubs or sports they become involved with, and our school always has supported every student. There is always a group of students cheering on and supporting others, whether it be at a high school play or a sporting event.
My experience at Johnsburg High School has been well. I have been really challenged in some of my classes at this school. I like most of my teachers as most of they go above and beyond for the students. What I would like to change at Johnsburg High School is the communication between the staff members and the students is sometimes poor and there can be miscommunications! Also I would like to change the social workers because I don’t trust them and I have been told that I should really see a social worker to help me out in life.
I transferred to Johnsburg middle of Junior year and was welcomed in by all the staff and students. I was encouraged to join clubs and after school activities which helped me better my connections and encounters with other students. After being at Johnsburg for a year now I can honestly say I feel like part of the community.
It’s generally a very friendly atmosphere especially since everyone knows everyone. Cliques aren’t that big so it’s makes everyone feel more welcome. I feel the academics are really good for AP and honors classes, and those with special education needs get looked over really good as well.
Overall, I have loved high school (despite the stress). Currently I’m a senior preparing for a heavy workload— 4 AP classes with no study hall and am a leader in a couple different clubs. While I was not very big in the spots at the school, the clubs and the people in them made the school a good place to be. There were some times when people would keep to themselves (being an introvert myself, I hate to admit I was like that too), but in the end a lot of people opened up and we are able to be a community.
I have had many incredible experiences here at Johnsburg. Being a small town in the Midwest though, it's hard to find diversity. For people looking to find a smaller school, Johnsburg is an excellent choice. The teachers are great, and the programs here excel. However, if you're looking to find a school with lots of diversity and strong representation of different cultures, I would look further.
Overall it was pretty good, had a fun time, made some good memories. The art department was very good to me, I became super involved and made it into leader ship positions that I love dearly. I'm still not too good at math but that probably operator error. Our social studies teachers are all very amazing as well as our English teachers. I didn't take to many science classes but the ones I did take were fun. Absolutely amazing AP teachers!! I cant express enough how amazing the AP classes and teachers are. Had a wonderful four years
Johnsburg is a small town in Northern Illinois. We are all about community and rally around each other. There is a real sense of family within the school system. It is a great place to grow up!
It has great teachers that are nice and know how to teach the students in the way that helps them succeed.
While Johnsburg's school district is overall a good district, they do not handle bullying and academically challenged students correctly.
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Due to the small enrollment at the school, students are able to be part of any class, club or sport. It is great for them to have that opportunity that a larger school could not offer. I do not like the lack of respect the students show for teachers and administration. Teachers allow students to address them by their first names and administration does not follow through with stated consequences for breaking rules. The overall culture of the school breeds disrespect, entitlement and arrogance.
Johnsburg was a good school overall. I graduated with the majority of the kids who I went to kindergarten with. This has its positives and negatives. Growing up with your class, you don't necessarily have clicks and you are friends with everyone. The downside of this is you can get annoyed quickly and you don't necessarily have the opportunity to make friends. It is in a small town that predominately white so diversity is basically nonexistent. The academics, in my opinion, did not prepare me for college. The school district is also very low on money so our facilities were not the greatest, but they did the best with what they had. Overall, Johnsburg High School needs some improvements, but is a solid school.
Johnsburg was a fun and great experience all around. When I was attending school here I knew that in the end I was getting the best education possible!
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