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Although Johns Creek High school has a very good academic standing, it can sometimes leave behind the students who are not as competitive. The school also lacks diversity when it comes to Black and Hispanic students. There have been multiple racist incidents during my four years at the school, all of which I did not feel was treated with enough severity. Despite this, Johns Creek does have a wide variety of clubs available that cater to many different career paths and interests.
Johns Creek is a beautiful school, and the motivation given from MOST teachers were good for my learning type. This doesn't mean that it was all a cake walk when dealing with teachers in the math and science department specifically.
John’s Creek high school is a very good school if you were looking for diversity. There are also lot of fun clubs and sports to choose from. The football and basketball being our biggest games of the year. Everyone comes out and shows their team spirit! Overall Johns creek is an amazing school to attend.
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I like Johns Creek High School because it always provides a safe and clean environment that enhances the learning experience. The staff and students are always so helpful and this school really strives to aid in the best future for their students!
Although it is a competitive environment, it has provided me with the resources to succeed and has prepared me for the future.
Johns Creek was a great school. I attended for only three years after moving to the state before sophomore year. People were very welcoming and most of the staff was really nice. However if I had to change anything about the school I would create ways to enforce the rules better, including checking the teachers. I had classes where students with drinking, vaping, or even doing drugs and the teacher either didn't notice, or didn't care.
Filled with good teachers and staff who want to see their students succeed. While some teachers are more difficult than others, most teachers treat their students with respect. Excellent student body, with an atmosphere of success, high achievement, and togetherness. Enjoyed my years spent here.
Johns Creek has a very polite campus and the teachers/staff are very good. The schools in a nice area with many restaurants close so students have easy access to other food choices. It is a very competitive school with grades and the sports are amazing. The track program, the soccer program, the basketball program, the football program are all very successful.
My experience at Johns Creek High School has honestly been outstanding. From the friends I've gained to the amazing teachers I've asked for advice. There were definitely ups and downs but my overall experience was great.
Johns Creek High School offers a lot of opportunity to grow, learn, and take advanced level classes that prepare you well for college.
Overall, Johns Creek High School is a nice school. There are a variety of classes and clubs to join. There are many honors and AP courses available to challenge students who would like to take more challenging classes.
Must be a strong, determined student to do well. It is very easy to slip through the cracks and become an "average" student at JCHS. Many students resort to tutors throughout the school year and obtain a college counselor as there is not much help or guidance with students inside and outside the classroom. Although, academics are overall strong.
I liked how prepared for college I was but I did not like how there were teachers who would not help me throughout the school year when they saw that I was struggling. My parents had to get involved and it made me feel like I was bothering the teacher when in realty that was the job she chose. I ended up doing poorly in the class and it destroyed my gpa. So I wish that teachers like that would have been handled differently.
While the school is beautiful I have been appalled at the lack of concern this school shows around extreme bullying situations. Even when they include multiple children approaching the administration, doctors telling the school that the issue is extreme and parents raising awareness. Johns Creek is not the place to attend if you want your child safe from physical threats, harassment in the hallways, being ostracized, etc. The school tells students to "say something when you see something" and than the school doesn't follow through. Many students here do not feel safe both physically or emotionally and when told the administration does nothing. I am concerned at what type of physical or verbal violence my child may experience here under the current model.
Overall my hs expirence was very good here! I went to JCHS for all 4 years of HS, and the environment was very conducive to learning and accelerating your studies. I was able to take very challenging classes that most schools don’t offer. Most of the teachers were great and very helpful if you put in effort towards the classes. The school sets up students to succeed in classes. However, the school could improve in its personalization to the students. Since the school is very large, one on one advice and attention from teachers, administrators, and councilors is very limited.
Students at Johns Creek High School receive excellent education, as well as opportunities to pursue their passions and interests through a wide variety of extra-curricular activities and honor societies.
I have enjoyed my high school years at johns creek high school. The counceling department needs major improvement, but that is really my only complaint.
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WORST SCHOOL EVER! I went here for 3 years and could not handle it anymore. I switched schools for my senior year and I’m doing way better academically and mentally. The kids in this school are rude and stuck up and do not make you feel welcomed. Most of the kids in this school are rich kids who have nothing better to do than do drugs. I’ve had 2 teachers I would consider good teachers but the rest did not even care to teach in a way that helps people learn differently.
Most of the teachers I've had are very dedicated and helpful. Don't be afraid to ask them questions. Overall, the school is excellent in terms of academics and opportunities.
I am very lucky to be a student at Johns Creek High School. For the most part, the school is safe, clean, well resourced, and staffed with incredible teachers.
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