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The academic life is competitive, and the school has many opportunities for student involvement, but the administration lacks empathy at times.
Overall, the building is good and has a nice design. There are some good teachers and some that don't teach at all.
Academics were challenging. Great people and teachers. Great athletics and clubs and extracurricular activities. Stressful
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Johns Creek High School is a well-kept high school in metro Atlanta. It provides rigorous academics under a clean environment. While there are quality teachers at this school, there are a discerning amount of teachers who don't know how to teach. The administration takes a long time to respond back. Although many would boast about the school's "diversity", I don't believe so because its student body is majority upper middle class Caucasians. The sports team at this school seems to be strong as we saw many wins made by the football team.
One of the things I like about Johns Creek High School is the teachers. Most of the teachers are friendly. They make sure they familiarize with their students, offer the students the advice and help they need, and most importantly, do not demean or reprimand students for their mistakes but rather help them improve.
I like Johns Creek whether it’s the staff or students. The administration could be better but overall not the worst. All the students are respectful of each other and the staff, which creates a good atmosphere to be in.
Good School, Good Academics and Extracurriculars. Overall a good place for academics and college prep.
The faculty needs to go through thorough teaching evaluations. Many teachers couldn't care less about their students and do not prepare them for college and the real world. It is commonly known that the teacher will determine the grade at JCHS. It is also known within the student body which teachers to avoid and which few are okay. The music and sports departments are well managed but many clubs (FBLA, HOSA, and tiny clubs) are not. Facilities are not well respected but kept clean by the janitors. Cafeteria food is below average. Campus safety is taken seriously. Overall do not recommend this school.
The school is very appealing. There are so many classes to choose from and so many paths you can take. There are so many club and volunteer opportunities. However, some of the teachers aren’t the best.
Johns Creek is overall a nice school. The staff is typically friendly. It is a good environment and is very accepting. The only downside to Johns Creek High School is there is very limited parking and you are not allowed to leave for lunch. The sports teams are pretty good and the pep rallies are average. Overall would recommend.
Great experience, made my best friends and found my passion. Thanks to the amazing French teacher at Johns creek high school i was Able to see that I love learning new languages and cultures, which has led to considering studying abroad all of college
There are a lot of great teachers and the students there are nice and welcoming. I am a rising Junior and I liked it there so far
I've made quite a few friends at this school. The students are so friendly and inviting. My counselor always responds to my emails whenever I need help with anything.
Johns Creek is a very good school. Would highly recommend. The teachers are nice and there is a lot of diversity.
Johns Creek is an amazing school. It has it downfalls but no school can be perfect. Students are pushed to achieve success. It can be quite competitive but that pushes some students to achieve even more. Most of the teachers are exceptional, students are able to get one on one time with teachers to help secure their success in the school.
This was an excellent school for opportunities and growth. My class peers are ultimately great leaders with very peculiar views in society. Cultured influenced a big part of this school making my high school experience excel. I do want to say that most of the administrators weren't understanding at times but without them, I wouldn't be the well-rounded person I am today.
I like this school! I've only been here and I love the environment. Teachers and faculty are encouraging, sports are insanely good, and the environment is just so nice. Students are diverse and academics are challenging, but in a good way.
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I’ve been at Johns Creek as a student for 3 years and overall I’ve found it to be excellent!! It does have a few shortcomings that are hard to look over, but ultimately, it has done an incredible job pushing me to my fullest potential in a nurturing environment:)
Johns Creek gave me an education, lifelong friends, and instilled in me what it looks like to pursue your dreams and put plans to go with them. I was encouraged by my teachers and their passion for caring for students, so much so that I was inspired to become a teacher myself.
Johns Creek High School is a very good school. They have a great academic system and their sports are definitely on their way up on becoming some of Georgia's best. They do a great job of preparing you for college. I am happy I was able to experience the Johns Creek High School experience.
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