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John W. Wynn Middle School Reviews

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Students get no say in middle school scheduling. Eighth graders may take honors math (algebra 1) with teacher recommendation. Homework is unnecessarily tedious, a lot of copying questions from books/online text books, rote memorization and the like. Teachers by and large were not terribly engaging with a few prominent exceptions.
Extracurricular activities require fees and are immediately after school hours, making pick-up difficult for working parents. There are a decent range of sports and activities offered, but attendance is spotty in many.
Parental involvement via the PAC and supporting arts and cultural events is solid. The parents gutted and rebuilt the library, attend back-to-school nights, and arts events. Sports at the school are a club activity at this level.
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My child graduated from Wynn after receiving highest honors (minimum of all A's, all terms) both years. This child is intelligent, takes education seriously, and enjoys learning. That said my child says the instruction received at the Wynn school was the poorest of my child's educational experience so far. According to my child's reporting (and this is consistent with anecdotes told after school throughout both years at Wynn) my child had two engaging and challenging subject teachers in 8th grade, one adequate subject teacher in 7th grade, and one good specialist each year. Some of the other teachers sounded completely out of touch and inadequate.

If Wynn teachers are unable to engage a motivated, high-achieving student, what must they be like with struggling students?
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