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John W. Garvy Elementary School Reviews

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The school is diverse. Fee based after school program convenient for parents who work late. Free community programs after school onsite such as Girl Scouts and bible study. For Boy Scouts it is offsite. Sports programs such as cross country, volleyball, basketball, soccer and cheerleading. Art and Drama as part of its school curriculum. School Administrators opened their doors to fee based Private Instructional Programs for Band and Technical Drawing, Sketching, Cartooning. Accelerated Classes for eight grade students who excel. Because it is a neighborhood assigned school, the teachers know all the students well. If the children don't know each other one year, they will eventually as they are rotated every year. The teachers are great and they challenge students.
I love all the teachers and staff! If ever i have questions i know i can ask and they are answered. Same with emails. They always answer right away. My son is on an IEP so im always in communication with the teachers and special education teachers. They are very helpful and work well with my son.
Jones is not a typical high school. There is no football team, no 'mean-girls', and not much school spirit. Most kids here are high-achieving students that want to experience something new. By coming here I think I, and my peers, have become tremendously more independent and diverse. Jones is one of the most racially diverse schools in the selective enrollment system and it is located in the heart of the South Loop. There is always something to do after school and it is easy to travel from one side of the city to other; there is access to every train line. It's such a different experience but its great because you become more familiar with downtown Chicago, and learn to appreciate how beautiful the city is.

The academics are extremely challenging and demanding.The first 3 years of math here are IMP; furthermore, the math really forces students to think outside the box and apply math to real world situations. By the time students reach math 4, they have to decide whether or not they want to take 4A or 4B. This is great because it allows the student to reevaluate what they want from there education. Although both classes show up the same on transcripts for colleges, 4B is much more faster paced and goes through more content than 4A (4B is recommended for students who want to take Calculus). The science department is very well-planned out; unlike most high schools, freshmen year at Jones you take physics, sophomore year you take chemistry, and junior year you take biology. Other high schools usually do the opposite. Science at jones is NOT a blowoff. Art at Jones is a very common and serious subject for many students. Many graduates decide going to art school!Jones also offers a dual-credit program for select english, foreign language, social science, and art classes. Dual-credit provides students with college credit. The foreign-language program here is okay. Many of teachers are very hard working, however do not expect to graduate from Jones fluent in any language.
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I love the teachers here; very helpful and caring
Education is pretty good but could offer more
Safety is pretty well here
The variety of programs is amazing
Considering how old this school is, it's amazing how it's in top condition and really clean
Personally the memories I made at the school as a whole for 9 years has been amazing, I just wish it could've been even more better
Involvement in sports is average, but everyone is always excited for the pep rally's and sporting events the whole school joins in
Almost everyone is close to each other, but like other schools there are the typical cliques
The staff is just amazing! They are very caring and show concern for all students
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