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My school encourages their students to reach their full potential, offering guidance to the whole person, not just college preparation and gearing one for a future career. They desire to form the whole person and bring them to their absolute best.
what i liked about john paul the great academy the most was the fact that they changed the way i approach the problems in my life. They made me realize how important morals are in an everyday basis and they also brought me closer to Jesus, which has changed my life forever and for the best. Also the community in john paul the great helps you treat people in your everyday basis better.
The curriculum is challenging and the staff is incredible. It's not that hard to be the best Catholic academy in Lafayette, Louisiana, but John Paul goes above and beyond to make sure that their students are ready to enter the world armored by their faith and knowledge.
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It's hard to describe all of the teachers as a whole and there's a new headmaster since I've been there, but the headmaster I had took very special care to hire only the best that were offered.
There's no buses and it's very Franciscan in it's "love-hate relationship" with tech, but the guidance counselors and faculty are very involved with finding the best academic fit for each student.
Again, it's a new school with the secretarial staff doubling as nurses but that's pretty much as bad as it gets.
It's still a new school so the options were limited but quickly expanding.
It's a great school but it's really expensive and very challenging
All the teachers are knowledgeable in their subjects and are good at interacting with the students.
The principal is very involved with the students, even teaching some classes. He and the other teachers eat lunch in the cafeteria with the students and always encourage the students to ask questions and get involved. While there is zero tolerance for bullying it does happen sometimes as it does everywhere.
The spirit of the school is so joyful and compassionate, it often feels like a family. The teachers treat us as fellow persons and show that they really care about our education. Their wisdom, love, and zeal for truth make this school very amazing and unique!
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