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John Paul II Catholic High School Reviews

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while it may look like a good, small high school it is actually one of my least favorite places to go. The teachers are rude and do not engage with the students at all. The athletics program is a shame, the facilities are less than sub par and the coaches are only there as a last resort for their career. The coaches do not help you become a better athlete or person, in fact in many cases they can turn a person against a sport they once loved. The campus was originally built as an elementary school and very little improvements have been made. Overall I would highly advise anyone to stay away from this school.
It was a small environment with around 200 students and the teacher's were good and allowed much room for students to excel. the small environment however causes very few options in terms of class options.
I love how small and close-knit the school is. It gives off an excellent sense of community. I also love how challenging the academics were and how encouraging all the staff and coaches were. If I could change anything, I would love to have had a gym and other sports fields to play and practice on.
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I think this school is amazing and nichie is underminding it. This school formed me to have a 3.0 gpa to a 4.0 and now I will be attending Vanderbilt this fall.
I don't have a stable home life, and I sometimes struggle with the challenge that presents, but I'm lucky to have teachers and a school counselor that accommodate when necessary. JP2 Faculty really does care about their students and want them to succeed. The students there are always kind to me, and I know we have each other's back. (The perks of being in a school with less than 300 students, I guess.) There have been times when I was left without a ride to/from school, lunch, or money to pay a fee and JP2 had me covered. And when things get bad at home, I now have a place to go. I feel safe at school, and I know there is always a friend offering me a warm bed for the night, should I need it.
I can't ever fully repay what JP2 has done for me, so I'll happily sing its praises at every opportunity.
John Paul II has a great community and great if you want to be involved in more than one activity. The teachers are caring and helpful and the school has lots of nice resources. One thing it needs is a bigger gym.
I’ve been at JPII for three years now, and it’s a good school if you are looking to prepare for college. The teachers are great at instructing, and are willing to help students who wish to do better in their academic studies. The students here are welcoming, friendly, and are there for those who feel stressed out (especially around finals time). It is a small school which is nice if you are interested in a school where the teachers are able to remember everyone’s name. Overall, it’s a pretty good school.
I am an exchange student from China, all of the staff are really nice in this school, students work hard on academic and very creative on club activities.
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