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John Paul II Catholic High School Reviews

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They are constantly going the extra mile to make everyone feel included and accepted. They do as much as they can to make everyone comfortable and feel like a family.
John Paul is provinding me with not only the best education, amazing friends, and teachers that care. John Paul is provinding me, and all its other students with experience I know will be useful for me for the rest of my educational days! I value the atmospher and culture of John Paul as well. Overall, John Paul is an excellent place to attend as a high school student.
Great school. the teachers really care about your work and how you do in school. the sporting events are really fun to attend also. i have made great friends and everyone is very inclusive and welcoming.
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I absolutely love this school! The teachers and students are friendly and there is an amazing sense of community. It is very diverse. The sports are pretty good and it is a very competitive school. They also have many clubs and extracurricular activities to enjoy if you don't participate in sports. The curriculum and classes are very good. They have AP, Honors, and College Prep classes. This school truly prepares you for a life after high school with an amazing school counselor. They are also very strong in their Catholic Faith. They have a chapel with a priest and theology teacher available to talk to you any time you need it. The teachers are all very understanding and are willing to talk to you any time you need help. Overall, an amazing school!
We love John Paul ,it is a family where everyone is welcome,regardless of religion,race,economic status.The athletic facilities are state of the art with the best coaches that genuinely care about everyone.The academics is top notch ,with the best supporting teachers .We highly recommend John Paul ,you will not be disappointed!
There is a standard of excellence at John Paul II High School is higher than most high schools in this area, not just for the students, but for the teachers and staff who encourage, challenge and support us everyday. When the bar is raised higher in the overall culture of a school, people tend to expect a higher quality of work, teaching and service of themselves. The internship and thesis projects our senior year, Life Skills Colloquium class, free SAT/ACT prep and solid curriculum all contribute to preparing students well for college and life.
The teachers are very involved and many offer after school tutoring. I can say with certainty that my grade average has improved tremendously because of them. The school itself is fairly small but is growing quickly both in facilities and population. The uniform requirements are not awful, considering it is a private Catholic school. The lunches are all ordered from local establishments and as such is higher quality than the average school provided meals.
What I love about this school is the opportunities. Being a smaller school, it gives me the opportunity to be a part of many sports and clubs. I was a shy and quiet person in middle school, and now I am very outgoing and friends with many. This school has taught me to come out of my shell and try new things.
I really enjoyed this school. All the teachers love and care about you like your their own child. All the staff what’s to see you succeed in everything you do and one on one with the teachers is the best because they take their own time out of their day to make sure your understand the information.
My kids are really enjoying the warm community, the athletics, the caring teachers and are feeling well prepared for college. As a parent I appreciate the higher academic and personal standards, free ACT/SAT prep classes and the numerous ways they provide leadership and service opportunities to truly develop well-rounded students of intellect and character. This school is growing quickly and for good reason!
I liked John Paul II because it was a small school. I really enjoyed the small classes and individual attention I received from the teachers. I also really liked that it is a liberal arts school. They educate you in all areas of academia. I also liked that it was a Catholic school because, while they gave me a great education, they also taught me how to me a good and spiritual person which I would not have been taught otherwise.
This school is growing fast. The new sports complex that is under construction will be the best east of RALEIGH. Academics are strong and the teachers are amazing. Highly recommend to everyone.
I love the small classes. The teachers have more one on one time with students. The faculty and staff are kind and care about every student there. They know each student by name. They keep in contact with parents with updates on weekly and sometime daily basis. I am a senior and i am truly going to miss this school. I am excited about going to college and i feel that John Paul has prepared me for the experience. I would 100% recommend JP2 high school to anyone. You will not be disappointed.
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