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I enjoyed my time at John Marshall. It was a great experience. I specifically like how the the seniors get the experience of painting their parking spaces.
My experience at John Marshall High School was decent at best. The academic side of John Marshall is alright if you stick to all honors and AP classes. They also have their "normal" classes which to be quite frank, are filled with teachers that hate their jobs and care little about their students. The classes have absolute bare minimum requirements to pass them and it makes the students so lazy they actually begin to not complete the little work they are given.
Great teachers and helpful staff. New building with lots of great features. Many choices in classes that will help you reach your career goals
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My School is a wonderfull School. So many people have started going to this School and recieved grants for construction of new stuff. And the staff is awesome at there job.
John Marshall High School offers many classes that will help you get ready for college. The teachers are very supportive and helpful.
I really liked how modern the school is, and the different oppurtunities for new programs they offer. I believe John Marshall needs to offer a broader language program instead of just offering spanish.
John Marshall High School is truly a great school, with hardworking faculty and a large student body. JMHS, almost nearing 60 years since it was first built, looks brand new with renovations which finished last year. In my 3 years of being at John Marshall, we have had to go through construction in the entire school, and a new faculty. However, our student body was able to adapt to these changes, and I believe John Marshall is one of the best in West Virginia.
JMHS at my time was a joke and had a lot of room to improve there services to kids. The biggest issue this school has is bullying towards minorities, but this was back in 2004 to 2008 so I hope this has all changed for the better.
I loved everything about my experience over the last 4 years at this school. The building is beautiful, the curriculum is outstanding, and the school overall is very nice.
It’s great all around , outstanding and a huge school, a lot of new things everyday very recommend. With the little time of me being there it’s been great honestly. It’s new and it’s going to expand throughout the years.
Very good high school over all. Great CTE programs available. Teachers are very nice and helpful. They want students to succeed.
What makes John Marshall High School such a great school is the faculty and staff: the teachers prepare you for the next step of your life as best they can, the staff is always fun and energetic, and the administration works hard to keep the school running in an orderly and safe fashion. It is still a work in progress, but John Marshall provides students with many opportunities. If there was one thing I had to change, however, it would be the involvement of the counselors in preparation for college in terms of helping with scholarships and such.
When I was there, the teachers were nice and understanding. They have a killer band and steel band program.
I attended John Marshall for four years. I loved this school, and I met so many interesting people. The school has multiple teachers who are amazing, but there are also teachers who are not very amazing.
Prepared me for college and gave me a huge head start from AP and DC courses offered! The CTE program offers a wide variety of real life hands on job skills that can be continued in college or straight in their line of work
High academic diversity ranging from business to nursing to agriculture, as well as many other class options. Most staff are friendly people that want to see you succeed.
John Marshall High School is constantly evolving and adapting with the changing times. The students are exposed to a variety of learning experiences, like a virtual reality lab, an IMac lab, a three dimensional printer, and many more. The teachers at John Marshall truly care about the students and want to see them succeed.
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John Marshall is a good high school. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. The cafeteria food could be improved substantially though. The sports programs are competitive and have good coaches.
My overall experience at John Marshall was okay. All 4 years that I attended, there was construction going on which made everyday schooling difficult at times. Freshman year, it looked like a coal mine on the inside. However, senior year the school was completely transformed and looked a whole lot nicer.
I love that there is a lot of diversity and everyone seems to accept everyone's personal preferences. I also like the new Senior Commons and that I finally won my first 3 games of ping pong in a row. Seriously though, my teachers are fantastic, especially my AP English teacher. She has made a huge impact in my life and may have even changed my college major from Social Studies Education to English Education.

Something I would change? I feel like the school has spent a little too much money to have certain speakers come in to talk to the students. The speakers are not relating well with the students and seem to be a waste of time and resources.
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