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I feel it could have more student involvement, there were those good apples that made the most of it but many stayed hidden because they felt left out! If some teachers really showed interest in the students taking full grasp of opportunities than maybe it'd be different!!
The staff are very friendly and you'll come to grow close to your teacher as they will leave a lasting impact on you.
Overall the experience at John glenn high school has been very great with all of the different peers I get to encounter and enjoy the day with.
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Some teachers do not seem to care for students but, most of the teachers are good. The athletics seem to get more funding and attention by the school but, the fine arts tend to be ignored. Classroom tend to be packed and falling apart.
What I liked about John Glenn High School was that they finally decided to contribute to fix the playing grounds of other sports instead of just mainly contributing money towards football only. I'd like to see administration to take to consideration students suggestions and not force us to stay committed to an AP course we thought we were compatible for.
I liked the diversity and culture of the school. Its small but very loving and you get a sense of community. One thing i would improve upon would be equal support towards all clubs and activities. Sports gain center attention even though they never do that well while music and art programs are the best in the state and they get little recognition
I am so thankful that I ended up going to John Glenn High School. I made many great memories there, especially while I was in the drama club and the marching band. I was able to take challenging Advanced Placement classes that make me feel more prepared for college. I have met so many unique students that I am glad to call my friends. At Glenn, I am not afraid to be myself and I feel comfortable communicating with my teachers.
John H. Glenn is a wonderful school with a lively campus and school spirited, kind, and respectful teens. At Glenn, there are great opportunities for learning, with different pathways in which you get to choose.
So far my experience in John Glenn HS has been great. When I need help on a problem, I get help from my teacher or tutoring. This school is very ready to help students get into a 4-year unversity. What I mostly love about this school is it's diversity and how everyone gets along with each other. That is why I rank this school 5/5.
I had an amazing experience at John H. Glenn High School. The students that I went to school were a lot like me, which are people that I can relate to. This school in almost any sport or activities was looked at as the underdog, which I liked because it meant we just have that much more to prove. Although I liked that, it pains me to say that this school, for the years I attended, was not really good at sports, which I believe they should focus on making their sports better to improve student accountability and moral. The teachers there were amazing, never had a complaint for anyone there. They showed a lot of attention to the students success and always cared about the kids at that school.
I had a great time at John H. Glenn high school the first three years of my high school years. The teachers were great willing to lend a helping hand out with any problems going on in your life or school. Everybody had the lack of school spirit so the football team felt out of places because nobody was cheering them on to work harder. There were teacher willingto help me out and paid for some of my equipment for the baseball and cross-country teams but then i got into some problems and that have set me back a few steps.
Although I didn't partake in many school activities, the times I did attend them I really felt welcomed. One thing that I expected when I first went to high school was for people to have their own groups and stuff like in the usual "high school" themed show or movie, and although there were groups I never felt like I wasn't welcomed into any of them. On the contrary in my freshman year when I knew no one people would try to tell me I could join in their group. As for the school administration everyone was awesome, I never had any issues with any teacher, security, or people in office. Only thing I didn't really like was that we didn't have an actual stadium.
I enjoyed the atmosphere of the school. Teacher, staff, and student are all so kind. I really got a great learning experience. They had clubs and pathway that benefited my future and helped me get ready for the major I will study in college. Which is civil engineering and technological engineering. The teacher at John Glenn High School really cared about my education. When I needed help they had tutoring or i could email them if I needed help. And they had staff that helped me prepare for college. Letting me know what I need in order to be accepted to the school i want to attend to. My whole High School experience was amazing.
I would not recommend this school at all. I feel like they have deprived me of my education. The staff are rude and about 80 percent of the teachers do not do their jobs as a teacher.
Everyone was a family going their. Sure you had the people that you did not like but once we got together against are rivals you knew who the people who went to Glenn were all about.
My experince at John Glenn High School has been great. All the teachers are great, and the environment is safe.
I like that there are a lot of friendly people all around. The community is very embracing and you can go up to a variety of people whether it be about academics, sports, or anything social wise.
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It was a very close-knit school and had great faculty that supported the students. Some changes that I would like to see include having better resources for both teachers and students to use.
The teachers are great at John Glenn High School and care about your education. I would like to see more options in AP classes/honors and extra curricular activities.
very accepting atmosphere at John Glenn High School. Visual and performing arts programs were the best programs on campus. Majority hispanic population and first generation as well. Would benefit from more parent support and community involvement .
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