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John F. Kennedy Middle School Reviews

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I loved attending this school. Many people were very friendly and I made a lot of friends there. Some of my favorite experiences were the great field trips and field day once a year. This shook is unique because it is small but everyone gets along there is barely any drama. If I could go back and choose a different school I wouldn't jack is a great school to go to.
The teachers at John f. Kennedy middle school for the major part are very friendly and helpful. Most teachers try their best to help students when they need it's. The teaching styles vary, some teachers are better than others. There are a select few teachers who love their job and go out of there way to help and make an interest in students. They communicate with students well and to the best of their ability.
Their FBLA club is amazing. The greenhouse and rabbits and chicken they raise are really fun to play with and learn how to take care of them.
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This is a great school. Teachers are nice and have a lot go knowledge to share with us.
They gave very good tutoring and somewhat good teachers.
they had many anti bullying polices
They has many after schools programs like basketball or FFA it was really good.
it was a very intresting school due to all the programs they offered.
still had an awesome time there!
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