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A lot of my peers were very nice, but there was also a lot of conflict that I saw in the hallways. My principal and the majority of the teachers obviously care a lot of about their job and the students, but it becomes easy for students to slip through the cracks. The school is also very much sport oriented, so the music and arts departments often get the short straw when it comes to funding. I think the school needs to focus more on the mental health of the students as a whole. There are some who are much more aware than others, but there are also teachers are simply oblivious, or don't care when a student is struggling with mental health issues. Overall, the school is decent and provides an adequate education, but it's not always the best environment to be in.
Most teachers are supportive, encouraging, and knowledgable. It feels like a generally safe environment and I feel like I was well prepared for college after graduation. There are many opportunities to be involved.
All around Kennedy is a great school whether it's sports, academics, or overall culture. Looking around you can find so many people at the school willing to help with your classes or even future-readiness.
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Overall, I think that Cedar Rapids Kennedy high school is a very good school. I think that most of the teachers and staff are truly vested in their students' success and I believe that Kennedy strives to hire staff who will continue to care about their students both academically and emotionally. One change that I would like to see at Kennedy is the fruition of different ideas and plans. I feel as though the school often says that they are planning to make beneficial changes, but they rarely ever carry out the changes.
its a very bad school so many drugs and so much violence. one of my friends got robbed in the parking lot
I like that teachers actually care about our education and teach us in a way that will make all of us interested to learn the things they are teaching and eve one is so nice.
Great teachers. Amazing support for the arts and opportunities for every student. Very high rate of AP test taking but also very good AP prep and assistance.
I love Kennedy. I am only a freshman but I have had amazing memories formed already. Some of my favorite activities we have are our school's pep rallies, football games, and all the opportunities we have. I also love all the coaching staff. I play softball, basketball, and run track and every coach has pushed me hard to make me not only a stronger player but a better person. I also love my teachers, they care tremendously for all of their students and want them to all succeed. Kennedy high school is one of the best because the teachers and coach care so much for you.
My experience here has been very positive, the band program is where I grew up and I’m happy to have gone here.
Kennedy is a very kind environment. There is little stress and drama compared to environments of other nearby schools. However, the biggest issue I've found with Kennedy is how culturally generic it is. There is little expression of diversity and no encouragement of it. It is frankly unimportant in comparison to grades in the eyes of the administration. i disagree. Diversity is identity, anyone with the right resources can get good grades.
It's a high school, it's like most high schools. There are a variety of AP classes and they also have opportunities to participate in extracurricular activity like clubs and sports.
I enjoy all the teachers and students that are apart of Kennedy High School. The academics are very good at this school and provide students with many opportunities. I would like to see changes in the administration and how they tackle different problems within our school.
Kennedy high school was my transition into the American way of life. As a transfer student, the culture shock was real but i was able to adapt very quickly due to the help i received from friends and teachers. Go cougarbots!
There was a good focus on learning and taking challenging classes. Most of the teachers were willing to work with you and help you to succeed. There were a few not-so-great ones, but you get that at any school. I especially liked smart time, which was a time set apart every day to either use as a study hall, meet in clubs, meet with teachers for extra help, or make up quizzes and tests. I wish that passing periods were a little bit longer as the school is very big and crowded and it could be a bit stressful at times trying to make it from one end to the other, especially if you had to stop at lockers. An extra minute would have made a big difference.
A majority of the teachers I have had have been amazing. Especially my senior year. I really enjoy the relationships they have with me and their peers. I also enjoy the wide variety of clubs we have and the variety in classes such has Forensics, which is not a class many schools have. Something I would like to see change at Kennedy is the diversity in students as in race/ethnicity, and in faculty as in gender, we need more female hall monitors. One last thing would be adding more natural light into the class room. There are not very many windows in classrooms making it seem gloomy within the school, especially with the brick being brown. It needs some color, but thats all cosmetic.
The academic and sports are very good here. The pep assemblies are one of the best anyone could experience. But the principle is not as involved as he could be. He is on his phone a lot.
I really liked the energy and spirit of John F. Kennedy! The only down-side is a lack of diversity seen in many other states!
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Kennedy High School makes me feel involved in their activities and teachings. At the school , there are many opportunities to get involved through clubs, organizations and sports. My administrators are also always helpful. Whenever I have a problem or need help, they are always able to provide help and care for my needs.
It's a great school, I always get good grades and the teacher want to help you if you want help. The academics are great and the teachers try to get the best for their students and I like how they are always so nice when you ask them questions. The sports are pretty good and the school really likes football and basketball, but there needs to be some improvements on caring more about like Bowling, Golf, they need to make sure the students appreciate the marching band more because they don't get enough funding like they should but even the students don't even really care about the marching band.
I love Kennedy I am the co-president of kinder Kennedy all of the teachers there are extremely helpful and understanding. I gave Kennedy excellent because I truly believe there is not a better high school than. I feel so safe in the school no matter where I am all of the students are there for each other, and our pep assemblies are out of this world.
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