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John F. Kennedy Catholic High School Reviews

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Kennedy Catholic High School was a...polarizing experience to say the least. It's good, but sometimes is a bit off the mark of that.Kennedy has some good staff, a majority of their teachers are friendly, invested, and good at their jobs. They also have a good quantity of extracurricular events and activities, like clubs, sports, and class events. My personal favorite was the Smash Brother's tournament they hosted my Senior Year. But the cons are major. 1. The rules enforcement in the school falls into two extremes, rules are either enforced to the point of it almost being harassment, or they are ignored. Also, the uniform rules are strict to an unnecessary degree, to the point of students freezing in class.The school also has a very strict and oppressive culture, with a high amount of anxiety, stress, oppression of/in their students.Should the overbearing enforcement of rules be fixed, Kennedy would be a great school!
It is a very good school. You learn a lot and they are very good in preparing you for college. They have college fairs and good resources, faculty, food in cafeterias.
Kennedy Catholic is a good school for academics, however it is very strict. There isn't much school spirit because of how rigid the rules are in the school.
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It is a generally good school though they place a lot of pressure on their students. There is test or quiz everyday or every other day. There are teachers who are very rude and disrespectful to students yet the administration doesn’t use disciplinary actions. Thus leaving the students to agonize or dread the specific class. Subtle racism and bias can be detected here so if your a person of color I would tread lightly.
Great Experience at John F. Kennedy Catholic High School. I recommend to anyone who wants an excellent college preparatory school that offers great athletics, academics, faculty, and extracurriculars. One of the top schools in the Somers NY area. Great place to continue your Catholic Faith.
Being a minority student in a school filled with many people that felt the need to point out my differences was very uncomfortable and took a toll on me mentally. The administration is only focused on making sure the students get into a college and does not care about whether or not they are actually ready to go on to the next level.
Kennedy is an excellent academic school. The school community is safe, and inviting. The students are all kind and caring.
Many of my teachers this year were very unaffective and hardly taught at all. Many kids there only go because there parents force them to. Many students at the school cheat instead of studying and the iPads have become a huge distraction in the classrooms. It becomes very hard to focus when the internent is a few clicks away.
There are very few well prepared certified teachers left. The students are not well prepared for state exams and it is very hard to find extra help for classes. For the amount money the tuition is, the school dose not give the student adequate opportunity to explore their field of choice or participate in extracurricular activities.
Academics and sports are great. Kennedy gives you a lot of opportunity to either be one of the top athletes or scholars.
It is a great experience, everyone in the school knows each other, like the freshman class have such a great bond and so do the teachers and students. The Kennedy environment is very fun, we do a lot of activities in school and out of school.
Very good at planning for college. I’m a current senior just about to graduate in 2018. Teachers are very nice and are willing to help you if you have any struggles
Great Scholarship potential if you score well on TACHS exam; however, many fees on top of the free tuition so slightly deceptive. Some of the teachers are great and most are lackluster.
I would like to see more school spirit and more expression of student art and pride. I would also like to see a larger choice in classes and more tutoring.
John F. Kennedy Catholic High School is a wonderful learning environment. However, I believe that there needs to be change in certain departments. Some of the teachers that are hired at Kennedy lack experience in teaching. They may know the material, but they are not exceptional in terms of teaching said material and properly disciplining students. Teachers should be evaluated more thoroughly so that they can meet the academic needs of each student.
Kennedy Catholic HS is a small high school. The student/teacher ratio is good. This school prepares you for college. It offers many AP classes and focuses on preparation fir the SAT. Kids come for all areas to attend Kennedy HS. My experience was exceptional and I highly recommend. I am currently a freshman student at SUNY Binghamton and love it.

Best of luck - study hard and you will see success!!
Coming to Kennedy was a great desision for me - as a kid I was shy and more reserved, but I have found such amazing people and so many activities to be involved in that I have grown to become a really outgoing person. I really enjoy my time here. At Kennedy you get what you put into it.
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Kennedy is a very good College prepatpry school, the work load is definitely intense and the courses are challenging. The school as a whole is a safe environment but very concerned with conformity.
Kennedy Catholic is a wonderful school with an excellent academic program. A safe environment and a caring faculty make this a top school in Westchester/Putnam counties.
Prepared me for my future. Good people. Glad I had the privilege to attend a good Catholic high school.
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