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My overall experience of John Champe HIgh School is very eye opening because of the many different counselors and teachers i've met really opened my eyes and changed my life. Telling me about their life experiences and teaching me the importance of your loved ones. Besides the good life lessons, I was taught very well in academics which I will carry on to college and the near future.
Champe isn't always a safe place to learn. Although there is rarely any violence here, we still deal with lot of bullying and harassment, which can be really hard on the minds of many students who attend the school I do. Our teachers don't seem to care about our success as much as john champe claims, which unmotivates students from believing they can do well. We also have a bad habit of not appreciating the available resources we're provided.
John Champe High School to me has become my second home. A place of comfort and pool of knowledge. Champe administration thrives in administrative care for students. My teachers have all been caring and looking out for of my success. They also encourage people to join sports or any after school club. They also help students with big life decisions and give us that push from the starting line so that we can see the track to the finish line.
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Friendly environment, lots of fun school activities, classes are solid! The students are diverse and very welcoming. Teachers are easy to talk to and very understanding of students busy schedules. Counselors are extremely flexible and compatible, also very helpful. Champe has many interactive in-school activities for the students and it gets us all very excited! They are a good way to have all the grades interact as well.
John Champe is a great school academically, encouraging kids to do their best while not pressuring them too much. However, there are way too many kids in the school, causing students not to get as much one on one attention they need.
It was a fairly new school when I came into JCHS. It was hard establishing a culture and school pride, but by senior year, my class stepped up and began a spirited influence for sporting events and pep rallies. Communication through such a large school is tough, so I wish finding information on events and opportunities was better.
John Champe has a really nice community, basically, everyone's super polite. The school has great racial diversity, there's not too many of one race. The only downside is that it adopted e-hallpass which makes leaving any room or section of the building just a hasle.
I like the academics and the many opportunities for extracurriculars. John Champe provides many opportunities to succeed with harder and higher level classes and good teachers. The sports teams are very good and are leading the county. It's inside Loudoun County which is the richest and one of the most prestigious counties in America. There is always lots of competition to succeed. Test scores are high and sports are difficult to get into to.
I love how much importance administrators give to high school careers/schedules and college readiness. I also appreciate
how they constantly put effort into doing anything to eliminate any and all bullying and create a safe haven for struggling students.
As a senior at John Champe High School, I have experienced it all. The school is wonderful and they provide you with plenty resources to help with whatever your needs are whether it be counselors and their willingness to help, or the teachers and their dexterities.

However, with all schools come shady and unbehaved students that do not follow school policies or even federal laws. For example, there are students from all age groups who participate in activities of recreational smoking of marijuana and e-cigs. Although it is a state wide issue, and now considered a national problem, schools such as John Champe should be more involved with students about risks and consequences of committing illicit and unlawful acts.

Although illegal smoking is a major issue and is one of the reasons I rate my school as an uncompleted 4 stars, JCHS excels in its academics and sports where everyone gets a chance to compete if they are dedicated to strive for success.
community was great, principal, Mr. Gabriel was the best!! I loved the surrounding community and how active the school was and engaged in their students and families.
I like how the teachers are friendly with their students. Their counselors are always there for their students.
These past 3 years has been very challenging and interesting. I Had some wonderful time at this school, and I wish I can stay here forever. I love how they challenged us to be independent and to work hard. This journey had many up's and down's, but at the end I got through it with the help of my teacher. I can't wait to be a senior and get my diploma and take a step forward with my journey.
The atmosphere is very diverse and inclusive. There is a club, class, or activity for almost every interest and the focus on academics as well as athletics is fundamental. It is run a little differently than the other Loudoun County Public Schools but one still receives a high-quality education. The student spirit could be more equally spread out, and the overlapping workload could be taken into account by teachers and coaches, the food could be improved, but these dont diminish the bright, well rounded and open minded individuals that Champe creates.
John Champe High School has been great so far. The education is very good and the teachers and students are very nice and helpful. I can always count on my others at John Champe to help me when I am confused on certain concepts in learning. Besides its wonderful education, John Champe also has a very good sports program. It ranks top in the whole of Loudoun County for sports especially football. It also has very good programs to spread awareness about depression and suicide and the counselors and teachers are willing to talk to students and understand their issues.
I have truly enjoyed my time at this school. The teachers actually care about each student as an actual person and not just part of a job. This builds stronger relationships with the teachers and enables the students to succeed. Champe also offers a wide variety of classes that suits the interests of many different kinds if the students.
It’s much cleaner than most schools in Loudoun County. There are plenty of opportunities for students to get help in academics and other activities. It’s very diverse and accepting of the LGBT community.
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Champe is a good school. There's so many clubs/events so you're bound to find something you like. For the most part, all our teachers are great. The coursework can be a bit much at times, but if you ask for help before an assignment is due teachers will help you.
I like the John Champe is very involved with sports. That’s what Champe is known for! This generates a lot of school spirit from both faculty and students which makes game days the best days!
It is a very nice school that encompasses many different classes and allows for students to take the classes they want suited to their level of difficulty. Math is a great passion of mine and the math teachers here are among the very best at teaching you the material. The school boast consistenly high scores. Some things that could be changed is a refresh of some teachers in some subjects. Some subjects aren't taught as well as the math classes are.
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