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This isn’t a school for kids who do lots of extracurriculars or play a competitive sport outside of school because of the amount of homework and the sports requirement. However there are lots of clubs you can join and the academics and teachers are very good. It caters to your individual needs and the teachers are very helpful.
As a black student who attended this institution for the full six years offered, I had a nice time. It is unlike the traditional high school experience but it makes up for that in every other way.
John Burroughs exemplifies excellence in every way! The academics, athletics and arts are all amazing. It is a very special school and I wish my kids could go there! I was beyond prepared for college and made the best friends while I was there. I cannot say enough great things about my experience at JBS. It doesn’t get better than JBS #1997 👩‍🎓
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My 6 years at Burroughs were the most fantastic years of my life! Burroughs' inclusive atmosphere made me feel welcome every single day that I entered the school, and the rigorous academics more than prepared me to attend Columbia University. This school means so much to me and I am glad to forever call myself a bomber!
The environment is absolutely amazing, and it offers a rigorous and challenging learning experience.
What an amazing school. I feel so lucky and privileged to have been able to attend John Burroughs for 6 years of my life. Everybody is so friendly and the community is wonderful. The curriculum is very tough- but prepares you so incredibly well for the rest of your life. Teachers are always willing to help you out whenever needed. There are so many resources available at this school. If you have the opportunity to attend - please consider doing so heavily!
The best school in the country - I left JBS feeling prepared for college and I was... very much so, especially compared to other young college students. I will forever treasure my experience there as they taught me not only academics but life skills essential to succeeding in today’s world!
School is not very accommodative of individual student needs. Course offerings are not very broad or flexible compared to other schools in the area, and athletics are mediocre.
Attending this school was a fantastic experience and one that I will be forever grateful for. JBS taught me how to organize, balance my time, use effective study skills, and seek out my teachers for help, all of which are crucial skills for college. My academic preparation has been vastly superior to that of my other peers in college due to the rigorous nature of Burroughs classes. The community here was so supportive, accepting, and enthusiastic that it cultivates a real sense of school pride and creates a space where people are comfortable being their true selves. I also can't speak enough about the teachers and college counseling staff- they are completely invested in your best interest and will always take the time to offer advice or even just chat. I encourage any prospective family to seriously consider this school- it's well worth it.
This school means the world to me. It's small, with 100 students per grade which was great because it creates a special sense of community that big schools simply lack. The teachers are fabulous and are always there to help you grow into not only better students but well rounded young adults.
I started here in 7th grade and my experience has been amazing. Everyone loves and supports one another and there is no other high school I would have rather attended. As a senior, I feel completely prepared to move onto the next stage of my life. Not only are the academics rigorous and engaging, I feel that the community shaped both me and my peers into individuals that have the potential to enact positive change in the world. I will definitely send my children to this school if I am still living in St. Louis at that time and I am forever grateful to have experienced everything that Burroughs has to offer.
I cannot say enough good things about this school. The staff is absolutely top-notch. They have nurtured, challenged, and loved our daughter from day one. The curriculum is tough (well it would have been tough for me at their age!), but they support the kids in a way that pushes them to be their best, and to believe in themselves and their abilities. If you stumble, they're there to help pick you up, teach you to move on, and learn from mistakes without being debilitated by them.

There are so many opportunities to try new things (arts, sports, every kind of club you could imagine), and the feeling of community and kindness really lends itself to allow kids to come into their own. Both the staff and the other parents really work hard to welcome new families into the JBS community. And don't get me started on the head of school, Andy Abbott- what a rock star! I couldn't imagine a better school to prepare my child for the adult world. I only wish I could have been a student here!
EXCELLENT academics. I was able to befriend and form great mentoring relationships with teachers and faculty. Incredible history department.
JBS is a great school full of wonderful people! I love how our teachers challenge us to do our best academically, athletically, artistically and in all other aspects of our lives, as well as support us to balance out our school-related responsibilities with hanging out with friends and pursuing things we are passionate about. Everyone here is extremely supportive of one another and eager to help anyone overcome any challenges they may be facing. I'm really grateful to be able to attend this awesome school!!
The academic and sports facilities are amazing. I like the small seminar style classes and teacher involvement. There is a strong sense of community. The clubs are weak and not well organized - there are a few strong clubs runs by faculty that are well done.
Burroughs teaches you how to think & prepares you for life in college. I don't think my level of preparation for college would be the same had I not attended Burroughs.
Out of all of the private schools in the "Greater St. Louis" area, Burroughs was easily the best fit for me. St. Louis has amazing private schools but a majority of them are religion based and Burroughs are apart of the few who aren't. The learning environment may seem very competitive and fast pace but teachers and our internal tutoring program eases the academic stress. You're able to get an amazing education while surrounded by teachers who love their jobs and will go out of their way to help you understand the material. Along with our academics are stellar, the diversity of the school makes it a comfortable place for everyone regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socio-economic class, etc. Overall I wouldn't change a thing about my 6 years at Burroughs and highly recommend this to every family looking for a middle or high school.
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Great academics, building a new STEM building, rather insular community both student and parents. A bit self congratulatory on issues of diversity, inclusion and discrimination. Most issues around diversity of any kind (political, social, economical, gender identity) tend to be held in a way that is meant to assure that people are in line with the more dominant (and left leaning) ideology on campus, which favors groups and categories over individualism and the broader proclamations of a truly shared community.
I graduated from JBS in 2016. It was a fantastic school! The student body is so diverse; everyone you meet can have wildly different viewpoints, and the students are open and enthusiastic to debate those viewpoints in the classroom and out of the classroom. The academics are tough, challenging and worth it. After graduating with honors and having taken some hard AP classes in high school, coming to college felt like a breeze. Burroughs prepares you so well for higher learning, and it inspired me to stay informed and look around for all different types of perspectives in everything in life.
I really enjoyed my time at Burroughs. I was involved in sports and played 3 sports all four years. Upon entering college I felt significant more prepared than my peers and am grateful for the kind of education Burroughs strives to provide its students.