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John A. Ferguson Senior High School Reviews

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Being the biggest school in Dade County it can be assumed that students will feel lost or left out of activities and announcements. However, that is not the case. This school has amazing faculty, active students, and outstanding opportunities. I owe this school everything for allowing me to find myself and perhaps my reason to being admitted into the University of Florida. Some of the things I have or am participated in is Pre-med, FPSA, FBLA, National Honors society, Four year Varsity cheerleader and help an above 3.0 GPA all four years.From the janitors to our assistant principals always greet any guest or student with respect and a smile. I truly wish I can send out a team from Niche to visit John A. Ferguson because this school is the place to be! I am part of the senior board representative have even had the chance to say afternoon announcements where we inform students of any events. I want to say this school has built who I am for my next steps in my education and career.
My high school has academic majors for each person to choose from. I was in the biomedical program and I think that programs like these are very beneficial to the student in this high school. They offer a lot of valuable experience that is important for someone in high school and can continue to be beneficial after high school and for a future career.
I like the schools scale, allowing it to accommodate many students with different interests and needs, as well as allowing students to have the experience of being with a large amount of people, like in the real world. With the magnet system covering many magnets as well as different paths to go within each magnet, there's something for everyone.
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Great experience. Lots of opportunities with certifications and even getting my learner's permit. Graduation cum laude with a certification in Photoshop and Microsoft office specialist!
The teachers are great. Very much care about the students. The administration is horrible, rude, and negative. They never help you. The students are not helped or checked up on unless they have done something bad. The staff abuse their power and do not know how to control their emotions. Horrible schools admin. The facilities are clean but there is not much to offer unless you are in a special program.
I liked the friendships I've build with my classmates. I wish i could change the education aspect of the school.
What I like about this school is the different variations of programs and academy’s to help guide us students what to study and branch out to other opportunities.
John A Ferguson has been my school for the past three years. My teachers have mainly been amazing at educating me. The programs they offer to be certified allow for advancement, as well as the advanced placement courses. Overall the school does an excellent job at providing an environment for its students to prosper and grow.
The school is very good and the teacher know how to teach but the school has so many people it is hard to switch between classes without getting in a crowd
This school is very good and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to study in a diverse, world-class school.
What I like about John A. Ferguson is how big it is which allows so much diversity among the student body. It also offers students many opportunities to branch out in many different ways being either in clubs, sports, or any other extracurricular activities. The number of classrooms we have also help with making such a large school not feel so overcrowded sue to such a large population of students.
John A. Ferguson is an A+ school that is well deserved. Their safety's and administration is excellent. For being one of the biggest schools it is always maintained clean and organized. The different programs available for students are a great opportunity to expand your likings and test out different courses. The flexibility the school offers is huge.
My overall experience at John A. Ferguson Senior High School has been very good. Like any high school, it has it ups and downs. Some negative things about my school would be some teachers. Not all my teachers throughout my four years there were my favorite. However, you are not always going to like everyone. I do respect my teachers fro putting up with my class annoyance. Some great things include variety of activities and clubs. I was able to be a part of the cheerleading team and key club. Through the challenges i faced in school, i overcome all obstacles and succeeded enough to make my parents proud. I'm grateful to have come to this school. Now i hope to get enough scholarships to pay for university tuition. I wont give my school 5/5 stars because no school is perfect. My school was pretty close.
This school is very big and has one of the largest enrollments for high school but it is always kept clean and organized. Administration is always available and helpful as well. Each class is designed to help students advance in their knowledge and academics. The school spirit is often shown throughout many in school activities such as lunch shows, pep rallies and field trips.
Since a freshman, I have attended a John A. Ferguson, and since my first year, I have liked it. I enjoy my school, one of the main reasons is because most of the people are nice and in all of my school years and as a senior, I have never seen a case of bullying or harassment. Another reason I like this school is for the variety of classes you can take, there are classes for almost anything you want to learn. Finally, I like that the school has a lot of diversity, which allows you to learn more about other cultures. However, I believe that future improvement can be done for example offer more college information, expand the school staff for counselors and teachers, and inform new students who come from other countries about how the school system works and futures opportunities. Still, I believe John A. Ferguson Senior High is a great school where I have had a great experience and I would highly recommend this school to future freshmen.
Ferguson is such a good environment to be in while in high school. There are a lot of students which helps students grow their connections with people. The school is also in great shape, very secure, and the activities and sports are amazing.
The teachers are nice and supportive. They help me gain experience and thrive. Sometimes they give a lot of homework and can get hard at times.
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The school is very big and is very clean. Ferguson is a grade A school that expects its students to get good grades. The school provides many services and programs that students can experience for different field of work. There are many clubs that students can join and have the opportunity to meet other people. Ferguson has a great bio-medical program but I think their DASH program has to improve.
I disliked the teachers, but i highly enjoyed the students and the different kinds of people you can find.
From the moment i got to the school i was very lost, in part because the school was too big, but the staff and the teachers helped me get used to it and with time i learned to love it there. Through the years i meet some incredible persons that have left an enormous impression in me. Some teachers were awesome and taught me a lot. They helped me get to the college i wanted and to find what i wanted to do and study in the future. The classes were very entertaining and even if i didn't study on the academy appropriate for the major that I'm currently studying it still taught me about what i liked.
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