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J.H.S. 259 - William McKinley Reviews

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McKinley is a excellent school. It provides numerous programs for everyone. The academics here are pretty good also. Most of the teachers are really fun and loving, some are strict but they all want you to succeed. Some of the problems are that is it very crowded And due to the 5 floors the students aren’t able to get to their classes on time. Another problem is that in some classes there are certain students who interrupts the class consistently which is a very annoying thing because the teacher can’t teach and the students can’t learn what they are supposed to. Overall I had a great experience here and made a lot of friends.
Uhh I hated it I got bullied and the teachers and deans didn’t even do anything about it I hate the school it’s terrible ugly school
This is my last year in McKinley. McKinley is one of the few schools that offers 3 regents classes. You can take Algebra I, US History, and Living Environment. Although not everyone takes it, a pretty large amount of classes do. The teachers vary, but you can find some amazing teachers there. There are also a lot of afterschool clubs and activities such as Rugby, Cheer, Flag Football, Soccer, and Volleyball.
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I loved this school! The teachers were extremely encouraging and helpful to me. In addition, the education system The school is also very organized and well proportioned, and the art inside the school’s walls are picturesque and breathtaking. Another point is that there are minimal bullying inside the school, but shoving and pushing. My two negative points about this school are the elective classes and overcrowding. Students should be allowed to pick their electives instead of the electives being randomly picked for them. If they wanted to continue Orchestra or Band, they should and they shouldn’t just stop learning that instrument. That is not the point of teaching. Students should also have health every year instead of once or twice. The school is also extremely overcrowded like all other schools, so the school should propose a test minimizing and filtering the students.
This school made me connect and learn about different cultures. Throughout my years at William Mckinley Junior High School I was placed in classes where I was the only Asian girl for three years in a row. It helped me learn about different cultures by enabling me to interact and become close with a few of my closest friends today. What I would like to see change is the number of clubs and activities the school has. Because of the low amount of funding for certain clubs such as art, the club had to close down and a lot of students did not get the chance to express themselves and do what they liked. Especially nowadays with the shift of education from Arts and Music to math and English. People need to realize that arts and music are important for young minds to grow and develop.
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