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Jesse C. Carson High School Reviews

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I had an amazing 4 years at Carson. I loved all my teachers they helped shaped me tremendously. The friends I made at Carson I still talk to and will always talk to them.
My life changed after I began taking classes at carson before then I was highly depressed and hated my life now I've learned to be more content and happy while also learning things I'll need for my future career
Teachers and curriculum are both great. Teachers are truly amazing, very helpful and understanding. This school offers many diverse courses, such as the biomedical science pathway (only school in our county to have this)!
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I like my Highschool the teachers are available almost all of the time and are invested into the development of your education.
I liked that the campus was fairly new, the teachers were good and are able to provide a quality education, and I was able to make some great friends.
Overall Carson is alright. However the longer you attend the more you wish it had more to offer. They are lacking in college and career readiness aimed classes. This past year they even started taking away AP and honors options. Then despite being labeled the arts school of the county those programs are also lacking.
I love this school because of the unique teachers and how advance it is in technology. I am glad to go to a diverse school like this one.
This school is overrated and overhyped. Most school events are watered down, cheesy, and corny. Pep rallies are terrible and last a max of 20 minutes and are far from entertaining/peppy. This school might be the "best" option in Rowan county but it is far from the best in North Carolina. Also don't come here for sports because you WILL get overshadowed by upperclassmen no matter how talented you are. People rarely do their work and theres only a select few that actually take time to do it, or even make it look good. This school just lacks in a lot of areas and can be improved greatly.
This school places a large emphasis on performing arts, visual art, and band and the chorus. For the most part, the teachers are great and care immensely about the education of their students. The student pride section is phenomenal, likewise is student involvement within clubs and sports. Classes implement technology to provide resources for classes and assign assignments. One thing the school could improve on is diversity. All upper level courses contain a single group of all the same kids, kids in which are very similar. The school certainly lacks racial diversity and the little amount of hispanics and black students are separated by the white students within the classes they decide to take. There needs to be more of a push for kids to extend their boundaries and take more advanced classes despite the current lack of diversity in them. The guidance department could improve in providing insight on class sign ups and the best interests of the student.
Overall, I would rate the quality of education a 3/10. This school did a poor job of preparing me for college.
The music and arts program is very prestigious. Sports facilities are lacking. There is no rubber track and no field house. Track meets cannot be held at Carson because the track isn't up to standard.
I liked that Carson doesn't really have any of the stereotypical 'social cliques'. People with all kinds of different interests are friends with each other
I absolutely love Jesse C. Carson High School. There is nothing I would ever change. My time here has been incredible. All of the teacher care for the students. My favorite part about Carson would be the opportunities they offer. There are so many clubs and sports that anyone can be apart of. The school spirit is incredible.
Carson's atmosphere is so welcoming. The teachers truly live by there motto students first. I enjoy coming to school. Learning is fun. My school system is a renewal school system. They got rid of most of the standing testing and now project based learning.
Jesse C Carson high school is a paragon of what the modern high school experience should be. College ready students leave here, as long as they put in the effort. The guidance department is familiar with the struggles and confusion these students face when applying to college or just in life and are well equipped to handle it.
Carson has taught me so many things. I have met so many of my friends that I am gonna have for a life time and I have experienced so many things. I knew high school would be fun but I didn’t expect to love a school so much. I look forward to school every day & I am sad to see it go by so quickly. My days at Carson are limited and I like to go to school every day and make the most of it because these are days I’m never gonna get back. Carson taught me new things about myself and it showed me how to break out of my shell and be confident. A piece of my heart will always be with Carson.
It's a nice school, very clean and tidy. Some of the teachers and administrators would rather hinder my education and enforce the dress code severely, rather than helping me enhance it.
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Carson High School is home to me. I am a transfer for theatre from another school and the difference is amazing. The teachers are very welcoming and always wanting what is best for their students. Also the campus is very open and amazing. Overall I believe the best high school in the county.
I have had a great experience at Carson through my classes and being a member of Carson Marching Band. The teachers and guidance counselors are excellent and really care about the students.
Carson is a great school to attend! There's many ways you can get involved and be proud of your accomplishments as a Carson Cougar. There's a lot of yee yees but when you find the right crowd, you'll be just fine.
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