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Jersey City Global Charter School Reviews

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My children goes to this school since it opened its gates. It has a very welcoming environment and a family friendly school. Approaching the management is very easy and always get the information we are looking for. Academically, this school follows a very positive approach and set a very high standards for student's learning. Apart from the State testing NJSLA (former PARCC), this school also assess the children via MAPS. This testing method will be three times during the year, to continuously monitor student's progress. Teachers are very much committed to make the students acheive their academic goals set during the starting of the years. This school also has Micro-society program which is the concept that it is being built on and all the children will take part in this every day for one school hour. Most of the children are academically stronger and has a very good character. I strongly recommend this school!!
I'm reviewing this as a parent who's child is now in the higher grades. This school has made my child love learning. Reading, science, math... she loves it all. Teachers and staff are friendly and dedicated and know each child in the school. The academics are challenging but I want my child challenged. If it were easy she wouldn't be learning. The students are not only taught academics but also how to be thoughtful and generous people among their peers and community. This school has been a blessing. My only wish is that there were more extracurriculars available, especially now that there are more older students.
there is high turnover. teachers seem to care but new teachers do not have support from administration and don't know how to answer questions
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afterschool program is not good. the school has no outdoor space so children are inside from 8-6pm. activities the program says they are going to do are not conducted. kids sit around playing board games.
there is very little parent involvement. the school does not have a pta and administration is not accessible to parents. the school focuses on academics too much for 5 year olds. an hour of homework is inappropriate at that age. school is disorganized.
kindergarten is given weekly tests and more than an hour of homework every night after being in school from 8-4. they are also giving standardized tests to 5 year olds. it is too much pressure.
afterschool program is not good. the school does not have any outdoor space so after being indoors from 8-4, kids sit in a room until 6pm playing board games.
As stated before, the academics are rigorous. Although the children learn a great deal, the workload is excessive. They have an extended school day (8am-4pm) and still have over two hours of homework a night.
My child has blossomed intellectually at this school. The academics are rigorous and challenging. However, the workload is intense for the age range. Students have over two hours of homework a night (even in 2nd grade) and there is little time for family or extracurricular activities.
The after school program at this school is very expensive and teachers are just pushing more work.
Some parents go above and beyond while others seem to be along for the ride.
The teachers are wonderful but there is high turnover.
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