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the environment is competitive which makes me work harder. the teachers are super nice and helpful. this school has been ranked one of the top schools in the state and the nation. the students and the parents are all driven to succeed.
I will graduate from Jericho High School in 2019. JHS is a very nice place, but it’s extremely competitive. The students are good friends, but they all have a competitive nature somewhere in them. This may make it hard for certain students to do as well as they expect or be proud of themselves. Overall, it has been a great experience. However, I feel that had I been in a school with a lower rating, I would’ve been better off for college. Also, students should only come here while in middle school, not after high school starts.
Jericho High school is a top 100 high school in the nation, and it shows through the intensely competitive nature that each student has towards their education and grades. Academically, Jericho is fantastic, but I wish that it was more traditional in the athletic and school spirit sense.
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Overall, Jericho High School is a good school: great academics, plenty of opportunities, and caring staff. Although, everyone's experience at Jericho varies depending on their own personal goals. There are a lot of high-achieving students, but there are also a lot of average students. Competitiveness ranges from the people you surround yourself with and how you deal with stress. The majority of teachers are supportive and put in a lot of effort in their job. Downsides of this school include lack of school spirit and lack of diversity. I wouldn't describe it as "cliquey" because there isn't a hierarchy, but friend groups are pretty solidly established here, and people tend stay in bubbles.
Most teachers at this school will help you find your passion. They care about each of their students, almost never forgetting anyone.
The teachers and students at JHS know how to make you feel part of something great whether its through sports or clubs or their many activities after school. We come together like a family when there's a charity to support. I know that if anything, I can always approach a member of the faculty or a parent. The only thing that would probably need improvement is the cafeteria food.
I liked that it was very diverse and the teachers always wanted the students to do their best. However, I would have loved the staff to get more involved in social issues like bullying or racism.
I like the Jericho high school because as a new student in this school teachers are really polite and helpful. All type of facilities is provided to the students and good quality of education. Many advance placement courses are available for the students who want to take it. Awesome teachers and good school.
Very competitive environment, but everyone strives to do well. Education is very important and for the most part teachers care about students.
I love school. However, some teachers make me hate it. They've been trying to get more strict when it comes to using phones in class, but no one listens.
Jericho Senior High School in Jericho, New York is a top-tier institution for learning. Learning from teachers of the highest caliber, Jericho students are exposed to various viewpoints, mindsets, and value sets when discussing any given topic. With such a diverse student body, Jericho students develop multi-cultural and multi-dimensional minds.
It's a great school academically... it lacks in areas such as attitude and spirit. Everyone acts snobby and entitled.
Jericho is very competitive, which stresses students out, but it pushes students at the same time. Teachers vary from very influential to really uninformative. Almost all of the students go on to pursue a college career after high school!
Jericho gave me many opportunities to pursue classes that interested me and has amazing teachers. Everyone at Jericho is passionate and hard working but it was hard to make friends because of my hectic schedule.
Coming from a different middle school, Jericho High School is certainly NOT like any other high school. The atmosphere is completely different, one where the competition and expectations are extremely high; however, this competition motivates me to strive harder and motivates me to work smarter. It is the ideal school for someone with goals high in the sky.
I enjoyed the friendships I made there and the classes that were offered. This year, as an elective, I took a Forensics class, in which I've learned a lot of interesting things regarding criminal investigation. I also took a sociology class, which supplanted an economics class, because it intrigued me. The class was wonderful and insightful, and it prepared me for college in many ways. The teachers at Jericho are great and enthusiastic about spreading their knowledge
Many clubs and organizations made available, lacked diversity, created a culture of college-prepping although not nearly as difficult to prep students for college courses
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The school did a great job of improving my knowledge and depth in coursework and providing adequate challenges. The teachers really care that you learn the material and everyone really helps to sure their students are on a path to success.
The experience at Jericho is mostly shaped by who you are and what social group you choose to belong to. For the academically-inclined (mostly Asian), taking all the AP's possible, getting 4.0 GPA's, and winning science research awards are the main goals. For everybody else, keeping up with these kids while maintaining a social life is the objective. There is a lot of fear of peer competition and college affirmative action, so the former group is a formidable academic powerhouse that only gets stronger every year, which causes a lot of stress among students but improves Jericho's state and national rankings.
Jericho provides students with many opportunities for academics but I found the environment very competitive, a little too competitive at times. If you want to excel, you have to take many APs, play sports, and have extracurricular activities. There are many cliques also. It is hard to join a friend group. The teachers and administrators are very bias to white people. They don't treat all students the same way. Some teachers are very bad, they just stand there and read a powerpoint. Teachers don't try to hide their feelings but show who their favorite students are. They don't try to understand the student but merely disregards whatever they have to say.
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