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Jericho High school is certainly not like any other schools. I came to JHS as a freshman from a completely different state and the objectives of kids here COMPLETELY different. Most people in my old school perused a less competitive lifestyle while still caring about their educations. Most kids here are extremely competitive and are what you call "try hards"(mostly Asian), sometimes excluding their social life and athletics just to go to tutors and study non stop on the weekends. High school shouldn't just be a full on blow of studying non-stop; however with the state of Jericho and its competitiveness, it is hard to change that.
Jericho Senior High School in Jericho, New York is a top-tier institution for learning. Learning from teachers of the highest caliber, Jericho students are exposed to various viewpoints, mindsets, and value sets when discussing any given topic. With such a diverse student body, Jericho students develop multi-cultural and multi-dimensional minds.
It's a great school academically... it lacks in areas such as attitude and spirit. Everyone acts snobby and entitled.
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Jericho is very competitive, which stresses students out, but it pushes students at the same time. Teachers vary from very influential to really uninformative. Almost all of the students go on to pursue a college career after high school!
Jericho gave me many opportunities to pursue classes that interested me and has amazing teachers. Everyone at Jericho is passionate and hard working but it was hard to make friends because of my hectic schedule.
Coming from a different middle school, Jericho High School is certainly NOT like any other high school. The atmosphere is completely different, one where the competition and expectations are extremely high; however, this competition motivates me to strive harder and motivates me to work smarter. It is the ideal school for someone with goals high in the sky.
I enjoyed the friendships I made there and the classes that were offered. This year, as an elective, I took a Forensics class, in which I've learned a lot of interesting things regarding criminal investigation. I also took a sociology class, which supplanted an economics class, because it intrigued me. The class was wonderful and insightful, and it prepared me for college in many ways. The teachers at Jericho are great and enthusiastic about spreading their knowledge
Many clubs and organizations made available, lacked diversity, created a culture of college-prepping although not nearly as difficult to prep students for college courses
The school did a great job of improving my knowledge and depth in coursework and providing adequate challenges. The teachers really care that you learn the material and everyone really helps to sure their students are on a path to success.
The experience at Jericho is mostly shaped by who you are and what social group you choose to belong to. For the academically-inclined (mostly Asian), taking all the AP's possible, getting 4.0 GPA's, and winning science research awards are the main goals. For everybody else, keeping up with these kids while maintaining a social life is the objective. There is a lot of fear of peer competition and college affirmative action, so the former group is a formidable academic powerhouse that only gets stronger every year, which causes a lot of stress among students but improves Jericho's state and national rankings.
Jericho provides students with many opportunities for academics but I found the environment very competitive, a little too competitive at times. If you want to excel, you have to take many APs, play sports, and have extracurricular activities. There are many cliques also. It is hard to join a friend group. The teachers and administrators are very bias to white people. They don't treat all students the same way. Some teachers are very bad, they just stand there and read a powerpoint. Teachers don't try to hide their feelings but show who their favorite students are. They don't try to understand the student but merely disregards whatever they have to say.
Love this school so much great times teachers and activities. The sports programs are great with amny options to choose from. I feel like the is truelly something that every student will enjoy. From the great music program with a chorus band and ochrastra to the theater departmant which puts on plays and musicals. The acidemic competitiveness of the school makes everyone want to wotk hard and try there best to get the best grades.
Jericho offers small classes and lots of chances to excel. Staff is caring. We have lots of clubs and activities. Jericho has a diverse population that is growing. Jericho thinks about our future and prepares us for it.
Our school doesn't have too many problems with bullying. There isn't much intermingling between social groups.
There are a lot of clubs/activities to choose from; however, many of them occur at the same time. A lot of the clubs also don't do anything and most people join to look good on their transcripts.
I think every year had it's ups and downs. It also depends on how sociable you are. You can see some kids are having a great time but, others are excluded. Our school is like every other school on long island.
With every school there are bound to be great teachers and not so great teachers. The great teachers are helpful, intelligent, inviting, and engaging. But, there are a couple of teachers that do not care about their students and don't teach very well. Overall, teachers are okay.
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I'm in fencing which is decently respected but the jazz band I'm also in is almost always look ignored as the fine arts isn't valued as much as sports
It's all good-- friendly people , enough clubs, good learning environment. I really don't like gym tho- I could be using that period on another class
Most good- some absolutely suck
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