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Jeremiah E. Burke High School Reviews

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The Jeremiah E Burke is a great school. The school is located in a high poverty community, However the school encourages students, has good academics, and provides opportunities for their students such as BUILDON, YDN Health unit and so much more.
I First started attending the Jeremiah E Burke during my sophomore year. When attending my first year I enjoyed how supportive the teachers were and all the programming they had to offer. My junior year I started participating in programs and the school helped me as a student connect with the community and explore different friend groups.
The teachers genuinely care about the students they do their best to make sure everyone is caught up in class but they don't get a lot of funding. I enjoyed my time here and I hope they get the funding and support that they need.
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Faculty is very cooperative with the student body. Teachers offer help when needed, and give an appropriate amount of work.
my experience at Jeremiah E.Burke High school has been good so far. when i found out i was enrolled at the burke,I was a little nervous because I've heard many stories about hoe bad the school was and how I would never make it in the school. Ever since I came to the school, Its been a great experience. I met some great friends and some wonderful people.
Due to the rough history of Burke, I was a nervous and afraid that something might happen to me. There been stabbings and brawls incidents in the past that made me fear for my decision. Thankfully, I went to Dearborn STEM Academy for middle school which for my 8th grade year, the school had to move to a temporary building due to renovation. Turns out, the school we moved into was on the 4th floor of the Burke High school. There, I got to see what Burke was really about and that same year, the Burke won 5,000 thousand dollars for being a turnaround school. With a big basketball gym with a weight room in the back, there was an amazing art room, and there was just so much space in the building. I felt like I could grown and change the perception of the Burke so I made decision to attend the school. Looking back to my four years at the Burke I can honestly say it was challenging but fun, like a journey.
The Jeremiah E. Burke high School ha been amazing for me personally, tanks to the copious amounts of opportunities provided and to the wonderful staff that make it easy to create a bond with. With the Burke's help and involvement in my life, I've been able to get a job, participate in and win competitions, receive awards and recognition, and even win money like the 2,00 my friend and I won in the Build Pitch Fest 2018. The Burke isn't perfect as it could use some help in it's academics, but overall it's a fantastic school.
I entered into Jeremiah Burke later than the start date of school. The Principal and other staff members took me under their wings and I was acclimated immediately to my new environment, new state and new living arrangements. It's a small school and very supportive. Tevin
The teachers are very engaged with each student and tend to all of their individual needs. There is so much extra curricular activities they get the students involved in and every activity brings wonderful memories as well as amazing learning experiences.
something that I loved about the school was that there was so much help for you to help you succeed or get a job and I would change there sport facility to make it better.
Something I like about the Burke is the amount of support the teachers give the students. Also I really love the amount of diversity within the school. However something I would change about the school is it’s way of giving money to students who really want to go to college but can’t afford it. I would also change the lack of engagement within the students.
As far as college readiness and academics I wouldn't recommend this school, But they have great sports teams . Mostly all of the students support and come to games,especially the basketball teams.
I really love the Burke high school here. especially when i came as a freshman, I made a lot of friends my first year there, I participated in sports, the teachers are helpful and dedicated towards every students from 9-12th. this school is just very good overall based of my 4 years attending there.
Good overall however they need to improve college readiness and have more available resources for students
I was a horrible student my freshman year and sophomore years of high school, but the administration worked to push me towards a different route. They gave me the resources I needed like tutoring, college readiness programs and job specialist and because of that I've changed a lot in life. I'm a hard worker who looks to better himself everyday and the staff recognizes it and respects it. I would say choose your friends wisely because my friends were bad influences on me so I got rid of them and became friends with the staff and my peers that were focused on life and academics.
The school has a bad reputation because of its passed, nonetheless everything has changed over the years. It is an amazing school with amazing teachers and staff. The Jeremiah E. Burke its the first school to successfully exit the turn around school status in Massachusetts, a great accomplishment that mirrors the high quality of work and effort being put not only by Ms. Mac, the headmaster,and her staff, but specially the students. The Burke High School is rewriting its story. Striving for greatness!
When I was at the Burke I ended up graduating early due to the online program there, I wasn't getting along with any of the teachers and discussed with the principal that online was the better option for me I just had to come to school every day and do the online work required of me
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The teachers are great and very supportive
The school is okay but I wish it could offer a lot more, when it comes to the curriculum. It's too focused on getting test scores up that some students wonder if they care about us and others think that the administration really doesn't.
Gym was just where everybody went to hang out. it was the kids who were suppose to be there and then students who were skipping class was in the gym as well. There was barley any school spirit. There was no fitness programs or other factors that affect the athletics scene.
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