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Jenkintown Middle/High School Reviews

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It is a great small school. You get individual time with the wonderful teachers. To be honest there aren't enough AP classes available.
Jenkintown is a very small school, so clubs and extra curricular activities aren’t as diverse as other schools. However, a small school leads to a lot of parent involvement, especially since everyone knows everyone in town. As well as that aspect, the teachers are very focused on each individual student and hope that each succeeds. The guidance counselors are also very involved in students’ lives, always available to talk or help, and they make appointments with each student to talk about and to plan for college.
It was pretty good. The school is small and only has one building. The teachers are friendly and prepare you well for an intensive collage academic environment. Most students move on to attend Ivy League schools and succeed in their respective fields.
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I would rate Jenkintown High School at a 4/5 because while it lacks the opportunities and experiences a typical large school offers, it brings together a unique experience with a small community of students and teachers.
Close relationships with teachers, easy to contact them about work, if you don't understand something you can come in and talk to them about it, and they all know you.
Jenkintown is a fantastic school! The students create really close relationships with the teachers, and they are always willing to offer extra help with all the rigorous courses at our school. Some may say it is cliquey, but everyone finds their own solid friend group because we have all been together for so long. It is not the most diverse, but that has been improving in recent years. The community is also really involved with the school and we have fun parades/events. People are also ver ypassionate about sports even though we are small. God Rakes!
Jenkintown has been an amazing experience for me. The teachers here are incredibly involved in the success of each student and I have received an amazing education. Students here are always kind and there truly is a place for everyone at Jenkintown. Almost every student plays at least one sport or is in a club, but many students are involved in numerous activites here. The school pride here is overwhelming and there are many traditions that make Jenkintown so unique. I never felt unsafe or unimportant while I was at Jenkintown where I attended from kindergarten to senior year, because of how tight-knit the community is everyone here feels like one large family.
I have received an amazing education. The community is positive, but there are some deep-rooted issues that need to be solved.
I've gone to Jenkintown my whole life and it has always been a safe and educational environment. If you start in Kindergarten, you are with the same people for the rest of your time attending the school (until graduation). Very close knit community of students.
Jenkintown high school is criminally underrated in the Niche rankings. Because of the small size, the educational environment superior to that of many high schools ranked higher on this list. My friends from neighboring, high ranking schools wish they had what we did. Classes are small, so teachers can engage students individually. Where Jenkintown truly shines though is in its holistic regard of its students. Most rich suburban high schools like Jenkintown only care about their top students and leaves the bottom to the birds. However, at Jenkintown, everyone is treated well. Everyone is expected to give high effort and it is known that strengths vary. Because of this, kids never skip school and the environment in standard level courses are the same educationally conductive ones found in AP classes.
there is a lot of underage drinking on the weekends but the school itself is very safe
despite a few not so good teachers, most are very engaging and knowledgable
Lots of options-- everyone participates!
Each student has his or her own chrome book; very nice, clean facilities
Our school is definitely one of the best public schools in PA for its size!!!!!! Its great.
They grade fast in most cases, always coming up with new projects, teaching us new things, etc. They are exceptional in this field
Sports here are great!! We share fields but its not big deal as we are all used to it and its fun!
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I think overall its pretty great. The school is good in this aspect
The sports and fitness at Jenkintown High School is awesome. All of our teams have all the equipment necessary, new uniforms, and caring coaches. The Field Hockey, Baseball, Basketball teams,cross country, and Lacrosse team always do amazing for such a small school. The athletes are amazing from here!
Our safety is pretty good for a small school. You always feel safe and we practice safety drills periodically.
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