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Overall this school is fine. I think it is a completely average school experience. Most of the teachers are helpful and encouraging. I mostly feel properly prepared to move on with life, even if now isn't the best experience.
I enjoyed the connections I made with teachers and peers. Throughout my 4 years at Jefferson High School, I learned many lessons including how to motivate myself for the real world, learn who I am as a person, and who I am going to make of myself in the future.
The school, and teachers were fine. I wish there was more of a variety of classes though. It was funny being with friends, and the clubs were fun.
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I like how small the school is and I love the teachers what I would like to change are the students and the principals
In middle school I went to private schools so I thought it was be hard to make friends when Transferring over the a public school. I did not know how different it would be. When I started freshman year I was so nervous but the staff did an amazing job to make me feel welcome and at home. My peers were also so nice and always helped me out. I never had a problem with the school they are always out to support each and every student. During sports games you always see staff showing up to support even though they are very busy. The school is like a big family we all push each other to do our best.
Jefferson High school tried, but they missed the ball. The staff doesn't like to be there and the administration is not very receptive to the students.
The teachers are all spectacular, and the classes are decently sized. But the building could use some upgrades to feel safer and more comfortable.
I love Jefferson High School. It offers great classes and opportunities for me to learn including AP and Advanced classes.
What I most enjoyed about my time at JHS was the students and the faculty at the school. I liked a majority of my teachers and the other students in my classes. At Jefferson High School they offered many courses I needed such as AP Physics, AP Calculus, and AP English. Finally I enjoyed the many clubs and activities at JHS such as Robotics.
Jefferson is a great small town school with teachers and staff that are interested in each student. Students are able to easily receive extra help and there are different levels of classes based on the needs of the students.
The teachers are all spectacular, and the classes are decently sized. But the building could use some upgrades to feel safer and more comfortable.
We don't have any officers but we have new security doors.
Only a few "clubs" most have been cut in recent years. We have: Student Council, NHS, Auto Club, Michigan Youth in Government, and Robotics
The school is falling apart but the athletic events are fun even when we lose. Everyone's parents went to JHS and now their kids go there so there is a lot of pride. Lots of good times and experiences but just not challenging enough.
The teachers are good, but not enough challenging classes. The classes that are hard are only hard because the teacher is ridiculous.
Since we are a small school we don't have many extracurricular activities and don't have a lot of things offered to us, but the things that we do have are pretty well set up even though they may not be offered to every student.
I didn't have the greatest welcome into the school since I had moved here from California and I really had no clue who anyone was. I was kinda alone at first and girls were mean towards me but then I also found some great best friends that I will have forever.
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The teacher staff is pretty good, they make sure they take time to get students caught up and make sure that they all understand the material being taught.
I love most of the teachers at this school through all grades. But just like everyone else they aren't perfect!
The safety of the school is improving and I feel safe no concerns.
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