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Jefferson High School is a small school within a small community. My school is good at being united as a group, it feels good to be in a relatively comfortable setting where you know most people around you. In my experience being in a small high school also makes it a little bit easier to be involved in my own community and create good relationships. What I think that my school could do better at however is helping us students to see the world outside of Jefferson. Other schools offer a lot more than mine does, within sports and other involvements. Sometimes things are too regular and dim and I think our school needs more opportunity and excitement. My school needs to become more focused on motivating us students.
I love the small school environment! All the teachers do everything in their power to watch us succeed, the community is kind, and its overall a great place to go to school.
Jefferson high school is very poor. There is not a lot of money in the arts. It is a mediocre school. It is okay, but it is not great. There are worse schools, but this one just doesn't have enough money to make it good. I am glad college credit is available in most classes.
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The things I like about Jefferson High School Is that it is a very good school where teachers pay attention to their students and have a passion to be able to teach them and take there own time to be able to teach them other things that they need to know about their life after High School. The things that I would like to see a change the roof of the school buildings and also the leaking of the roofs, the bathrooms and other things like the kitchen and water fountains.
The teachers at Jefferson High school are dedicated and lively to their students education.
There are only a few amount of extracurricular opportunities at this school some include: art, welding, wood shop, and FFA. The level of commitment to each of these clubs is robust and hardworking. The support of the administration allows such clubs and organizations to be formed and maintained by advisors and students. Some after-school programs include sporting events and community work.
School events are a main attraction in the small town of Jefferson;mainly sports. Watching a sporting event can make a whole community come together and watch together as one. Of course, none of the sporting events could happen without the help of voluntary parents of the athletes and the community, for example: concession stand, raffle tickets, half time activities, and announcers.
The teacher genuinely care and are interested in the ideas of students. They take time out of their busy schedule to help students who struggle, and teachers also ask students to help their other peers on a one-on-one level. It is a positive work environment that makes me enjoy going to school and to participate in school activities.
I'm in a couple extracurricular classes, like band and choir, and I love them a lot, although there could be a couple things better. I don't know about most of the other clubs and organizations, because it's usually a first-hand experience that can really tell what they are about. You hear things about what they're doing, but I don't know everything. Yearbook, I see people taking pictures, but you don't see the final product until the yearbook comes. FFA and Leadership, I know they're important, but I don't know what all happens with their groups.
I would definitely choose to go to this school again if I had to go through high school all over again. I like the friends I have there and all the memories I've made with them, and I won't be able to replace them or the memories. The dances are a lot of fun too, even while you're the one helping setting it up. Spirit Weeks are pretty cool, although they could be a little bit more creative.
The lessons are easy to understand, and the teachers help you out the best they can. Some class periods are dedicated to help students that are behind catch up. There is also a period every day in which we can work on school work and even go to other teachers' classes to get help from them.
Jefferson High School is very small there is not a lot of classes to take but the ones they have are interesting and the teachers are really cool . My favorite classes are Science and Math classes . Mr . Wicket And Mr. Potts are very nice and I have learned a lot from them . My favorite teacher is Mr. Markus our English teacher , he Is very blunt .
Wish they had better healthy options for people who are doing sports
Track and field is a awesome sport
I like the ideas, and how they teach the class
When, I mean its okay. The school can improve on many other things, not just being known as a Middle College School.
We have never had a big problem with safety issues here at Jefferson High School, but when anyone suspects anything unusual, they take it very seriously to protect us. We do not have a school nurse which is unfortunate. Safety is good, health is not.
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Most teachers spend time with students to help understand the current curriculum and many are very devoted to seniors who may need help with earning a diploma. We have a very low drop out rate due to teachers encouraging students to do their best.
After recently moving up to a 3A school, we have had a difficult time playing against bigger schools. Fortunately, we have a lot of school spirit when it comes to sports. With better equipment and more coaches, we may have a chance in this league.
As far as extracurricular activities, our school is basically only agricultural and sport activities. Their isn't a lot of variety in different clubs we can join unless your athletic or are interested in FFA.
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