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I graduated from Jefferson Davis in 2009. I love the teachers. Every teacher I had cared about their students and their success. There wasn’t any bulling. People hung in their own clicks and didn’t really bother each other. Of course there were fights but I never heard of anyone being bullied. Jefferson Davis is a mostly African American school. What I dislike the most is the schools name and its mascot. It is named after a confederate soldier, and the mascot is a volunteer( it looks like a confederate horseman.. except he is wearing green and gold). It’s very disrespectful to what this country is supposed to represent to celebrate confederate soldiers and praise them in that way.
I recently graduated from Jeff Davis and had some very great teachers that I still contact every now and again.
There were very few well trained teachers. Unfortunately they are no longer there. Other than the band or teams its just another school nothing excelling about it
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Jefferson Davis High School teachers and guidence counselors are not supportive at all. The guidence counselors were not involved with us in any type of way. The teachers barly taught. If I couldn’t change anything about this school, I would change the support system. I would constantly help students prepare for college. I would put organizations together to help students get better grades. I would get the counselors more involved with the kids. I would make Jefferson Davis High School a 5 star amazing school.
My experience at Jeff Davis has been wonderful. I had great teachers who pushed me to get where I am today. I will always remember what they taught me and will carry it with for the rest of my life.
My experience at Jefferson Davis High School was different, but I learned a lot of things from different teachers. When I was going to school my favorite part about the school was "Vol"ocity which is an ensemble in the choral department there where Kelley Hill is the teacher ,I will miss her sincerely and other teachers that put me on the right path to graduate this year.
I loved the student body and how much of a family everyone seemed to be. It was very fun interacting with teachers and students and even the bus drivers and janitors.
It was just horrible. It was not safe. Teachers had their own agendas. There were horrible things happening every week.
I really enjoyed the teachers. Many went above and beyond for me. They were the main ones who encouraged me to attend college after graduating.
Jefferson Davis High school is about an average school that does not have everything someone would need to fully be ready for the real world. We are missing key requirements like a life course when we learn about how to balance checks, life hacks, and just how to survive and make it when you leave. The food here could use a very decent upgrade because some kids get food poisoning from it. It could just use more opportunities in the school itself.
the school had good teacher and administration but there are some issue. I wish our safe should be taking more serious. the officers are lack at that the job and the school should have some serious consequences. The disciple for the student should be more take lightly. From the past years, the disorder of student have only increase and cause more dangerous issue toward other include and my sister. The teacher are good instructor but only few. Some can to provide and teach education, while other come from the paycheck. And also, those who only have a degree for teaching should be teacher not athlete coaches. Student be given a high quality of education because are the leader of future. We can’t success with item we now. So in conclusion i feel that the school turn around, and give some to be excited about.
I really loved attending Jefferson Davis High School. The teachers are very nice and helpful and some of the students are nice too.
Hello. I graduated from Jefferson Davis 2 years ago. It was a great experience but the preparation for college wasn't that great. The teachers were willing to help but to a certain extant to the knowledge they had on certain things.
Over the four years I spent at JDHS, I enjoyed the teachers such as Mrs. Timmons, Mrs. Dees, Mrs. Parham, and Ms. Bolden. They set high expectations for me, which really challenged me academically and also tested my character. I love the way they taught us because they applied everything we learned to real life situations. I didn't too much care for the administration staff but Mr. Bobby Abrams is a great principal. He always gave us encouraging words and made as laugh and smile.
I had a very unsatisfactory experience. The academics in the area is very lackluster, I rarely felt challenged.
I like that they push everybody to succeed and award them as they do good...I wouldn't want to change nothing but lunch to have better food
I went the Jefferson Davis for 3 years and it was a complete roller coaster. There were times when the school was turnt. Then there were time where the school sucked.
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I been attending Jefferson Davis High School or "JD" , since my sophomore year (2014-15) and now as a senior preparing to graduate, my experience at this school was bitter sweet. Every school is not perfect, so there will always be some downfalls no matter where you attend. The teacher, parents, administration & staff are all supportive in their own way. They want us to be successful in life so they push us, lecture us & motivate us until we can get the BIG picture , we are all champions.
I would like nothing to change about this school. My time there was great, i met alot of people there and gained alot of knowledge from the great teachers who taught me. there isnt really anything negative i can say about this school. This school will put every student on the right path to college.
Jefferson Davis High school has a great student body full of laughter and fun. A nice school for any child to come too and be a part of a wonderful n up & coming school.
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