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I changed schools when I was going into the seventh grade and I honestly could not have picked a better school to attend! I love JDA with all my heart and I cannot believe I have to leave these halls in May.
The sports. Also, I think we need more teachers who actually teach. We don't have much experience with teachers and that should change. The school needs to be more organized and cleaner. This school would be better if we had more students who cared about school.
I have attended Jefferson Davis Academy since I was four years old. Its standards and values have stood firm since 1965. I really feel that the small, family-like environment has provided a excellent education for me.
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JDA has very kind and caring teachers. They all are very knowledgeable in their fields. For the most part, they are willing to help struggling students. Some communicate with parents better than others.
School safety is pretty good. The doors have key cards, and they have several cameras. There is no official school nurse. The secretary handles medical issues.
Sports are about the only extracurricular activities for the students.
Jefferson Davis Academy is a very good school. It is very small, so it is easy to get to know people and to get involved. The teachers are very personable and are very involved in school activities. The public schools in the area are overcrowded, therefore JDA is a great alternative. My child has enjoyed her years there, and we definitely would do it all over again.
The buildings in our school could use some work. We gradually try to make improvements little by little. The faculty is always willing to help you if you need it. They're always helpful. The parent involvement is constant and they are a very big help.
The food at my school is actually very good. Since we are a private school, we get better options. Some of our food is actually home-made. We have different varieties ranging from ice cream to snacks and salad and whatever the hot lunch is that day. We get to recommend what we prefer to have to eat and they do the best they can to satisfy our needs.
I absolutely love my school. I have been going to it all of my life. I've made really great friends. Everyone is more like a family rather than a "classmate." It may be small and can get aggravating at times, but in the end I wouldn't change it a bit. If I had the chance I would definitely go back again because the memories are there for a lifetime and there will always be a place in my heart for the faculty and students there.
At our school, athletic activities are very important. We are very competitive and the fan support is great. We have a lot of school spirit. Our team performance varies due to which sport it is. Although, we always give it our all. We have very nice athletic facilities and are continuing to improve them.
The academics offered at our school are joined between general classes you need along with college classes. We don't have many options like public school because we are a private school with very little income. Although, we do get what we need to prepare us for college. It's gradually building up each year with more options.
Since we're so small, we don't really have that many choices of clubs and organizations. For the ones we do have, the level of commitment is outstanding. The most popular extracurricular is sports. Football, baseball, softball, volleyball, and basketball are the most popular. We are a very dedicated school, and we strive to do our best in every way we know how. The school administration supports us tremendously.
Coming from such a small school, our student body is more like a family. If you are a new student, we welcome you with open arms and make sure you feel comfortable. As for student involvement, we are very open to participating in school functions. There is always going to be peer pressure no matter where you are, but we try to help each other out and make sure everyone makes the best decisions for themselves.
We are a small school. We don't have very big problems, but our school is always prepared for emergencies. We have security cameras monitoring the premesis and school hallways at all times. Our school nurse is there for all of us when we are in need of medication, etc. We have had a few cases of bullying, but our faculty and headmistresses take it very seriously and make sure something is done about it. We are in a very safe and healthy environment.
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