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My experience at JCPS is at beast an average experience in any large county public school system. Although the school district has over $1 billion budget, there are well over 100 schools in our district with more than 80,000 student attending which make the resources not as large as they sound. With that being said, the managements at our district specifically and our state as a whole was and is lousy at beast. Last year for example the legislator in our state passed a bill lowering teachers’ pensions which led to a state wide strike for couple days. Afterwards the state tried to take over our district because of its failure in providing quality education in all aspects, and personally I don’t blame them. The battle is still on and I don’t know if we are going to keep our district.
I love the teachers in jcps care a lot about the students! I would just like the lunches to change but other than that jcps is a good school district.
I had an ok experience for my 13 years in JCPS. Each year my teachers were great and tried helping out students. Diversity was good. My largest complaint is the absolute absence of care for our schools appearance and their facilities. Our bathrooms were an embarrassment to any visiting party or school. And there is no care for updating a schools campus to modern amenities. One thing our school system can improve on is their budget and zoning.
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I am aquatinted with some people who were a part of the Jefferson County Public Schools eSchool. And from hearing about their experiences this is what I learned. They waked in at 7:40 and stayed at the computer in the same classroom until 2:20. The only time they left was to eat lunch, and when they had to use the restroom. They said they really didn't learn anything, but some of their classes were decent.
the learning and teaching needs great work. the teachers are underpaid and over worked . the jcps schools i have been to need help. i feel like i dont know as much as other school students know. the over all student body needs work i feel as if there no Bullying police isnt even here. many of my peers complain about the lack of guidence, rules, learning, teachers, and over all life in school.
The overall personalization of teacher student relationship is phenomenal. It seems very local like everyone knows someone you know at least . I also like that jcps strives for equity in all its schools . I would like to see the district be moreinvolved in schools that “need help “ than those who are renowned and “ successfully “.There are many opportunities out there but students usually have no idea they exist . I would like to see resources being brought to the students too rather than students going in search for what might be .
At a Jefferson County school you can be your self and blossom with awesome teachers. everyone is known and not overlooked, we have the opportunity to meet new people from all over when they come to our school and then knowledge is expanded and spread.
I Have Been studying at JCPS since I came to this new country. There is not much that I can tell about it because I have Been here for only 18 months, but every little aspect that I know about it I just love it, the interaction between teacher-student is just amazing, the way the counselor advise you and the way the school overall feels is like a second home for me
My school experience is very good overall. I would really like for more opportunities in terms of college visits, to be easier for a student to go to. At the mom own taking higher level classes interferes with being able to check out schools and outside programs. We have large amounts of homework that to be done right take up most of our breaks
JCPS is an okay school county. I feel that there is decent safety in all their schools, but they're using their money in irrelevant places. We find students not enjoying lunches and for some students, that is the only meal they get in a day, and same goes for the breakfast provided. I feel that many schools are not the cleanest or provided with up to date materials. Many schools have old books falling apart and slow computers. Over the years, the conditions have improved, but i feel they could be much better. I think the county spends their money on things that don't really benefit or help the students or staff.
I would like to see more sports at southern, and see more kids and parents be productive in school events and activities. I would want to see the cafeteria food change, Some kids only get to eat breakfast and lunch from school. There should be more food to choose from and it shouldn't just be food you heat up. My final thing I think JCPS should look in to is having more resources for the student's, and have more counselor student can come to and talk with about things.
The main things I liked about the district were the teachers in it, or the people I actually interacted with. I noticed these people typically did not want to be associated with JCPS. The top board leaders really did not pay attention to what schools needed, especially mine. They appointed a principal without even consulting the people who actually worked there. They did not think that we knew what we needed.
The teachers always pushed the students, as a former jcps student I would love to see the school lunches change
I liked most things about JCPS, but I did not like some things, like my school did not have any sports.
Jcps is very diverse however the involvement of parents is not great as students advance to higher grades. Overall Jcps is a decent district
JCPS is a growing community that is bringing kids of all ages from different areas together into a constructive learning environment.
My experience with JCPS(Jefferson County Public Schools) could of been better. I believe that the teachers and staff members could of help more students more often and the teachers need to engaged in the other students learning. Some teachers need to try different techniques to help their students learn better. Test out some hand on activities, projects, group work, etc. Overall I feel that the adults could of care a little more about our education if they want us to become successful people.
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