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Jefferson County Open Secondary School Reviews

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I learned who I was there in just a short 4 years. This school taught me so mc about my self and my learning sty;e that I thought I would never learn and made mea more confident person In my life.
JCOS has been an amazing experience for me overall. The structure of the school is very different from a traditional one, they focus mainly on life preparation and finding who you are. There are many things they do for this, trips around the world to have hands on learning, six passages for adulthood, including Career, Creativity, Global Awareness, Logical Inquiry, Practical Skills, Adventure. Each is completed within the Walkabout program(10-12) and have requirements for everything need to succeed in life for each student personally. more projects are required to complete the Foundations program(7-9). Everyone is close and supportive in the community. The biggest issue that I would change is funding, they are not very recognized so they get very little. Because of this they have only one sport, Ultimate Frisbee, and technology and non-human resources are very little.
The Open school is a great school if you are a self starter and willing to work hard for your future goals. The teachers there for the most part are fantastic
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Best school to teach your students about the real world and community. I have taken trips to learn about cultures and nature with my school and have met a lot of real friends. My teachers never gave up on me and I have the chance to go to xollege now.
Jefferson County Open School gives students the opportunity to Discover their Personal, Intellectual and Social goals and aspirations through experiential learning and individual self discovery. The school is a K-12 community which provides an opportunity for participants in the high school program to practice their leadership skills and develop the necessary traits in becoming a positive role model. Education at JCOS ensures that students have the opportunity to do much more then memorize and regurgitate information, it ensures opportunity to prosper and attain skills for not only further education, but of all life beyond that.
This school gave me opportunities and experiences that cannot be found so easily anywhere else. The school teaches students how to live and not just learn to enjoy education, but seek it out in every aspect of their lives, rather than just teaching how to pass tests. The staff and students truly care about every person in the community, which is very supportive and celebrates everyone within it. It is easy to find people who care and want to help you succeed, and the students are treated as equal and just as valid as the teachers. The people in this school built strong bonds as well as strong minds that are educated about the world around them.
Students are designing their own education plan, which leads to better overall commitment to academics. Students are passionate about the academics
Comfortable and safe atmosphere. New aspects to the building, plentiful outdoor space
Sports are not a priority at this school. There is room for improvement in this area
Members of this community know what's expected of them, therefore creating an environment in which people are held accountable for their actions.
The teachers at JCOS are brilliant and compassionate. They are more than teachers; they are advisors, mentors, students, and friends. They're honest and down to earth, and there to support every student no matter what. These teachers consistently go above and beyond the call of duty.
This school's belief that students should be in control of their education is what makes it so incredible.
Students are supported by faculty to create the clubs that they want to see
There is a lot of personal help, and many resources. One problem is that because we are a small school we do not have very new computers. Most secondary students own a laptop or their family does. Anyone that cant afford one has priority access to electronics. The building is nice, and pretty new. As a small school we do not get as much funding for new equipment, but we are good at using what we have.
Teachers at the open school give students a lot of trust and respect, I have only felt that they want me to succeed. Every staff member is extremely devoted to giving students a good education. We call them by their first names, which breaks down the overpowering feeling of authority found at traditional high schools. Teachers at the open school are mentors as well as friends. They also push kids to do their best and pursue futures they want. There are only good teachers at the open school.
At the open school the only organized sport we have is Ultimate Frisbee, but we have a great coach, and a large portion of the community is involved. We also have a lot of fitness classes, and trips that involve fitness, canoeing, backpacking, and surfing. Teachers also encourage students to pursue sports outside of our school, at another high school or a club sport. Even though we only have one sport, students are given access to many opportunities.
I don't know what the food is like. I never have eaten in the cafeteria.
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It is very individualized and each student chooses what they want to study.
Everything is good, the school reminds students of these topics a lot.
The school is not very much orientated towards sports much at all really! It might just be rumor but my understanding is that the school voted and decided to dedicate the school funds that are normally allocated towards sports to travel funds and opportunities. One of the main being that students can receive a grant for up to half the cost of any school trip up to $150 dollars for every trip they go on in exchange for community service done at the school. This means that really we only have an Ultimate Frisbee team that mostly plays for fun, but get so much more out of all the additional travel opportunities we have.
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