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Jefferson County North High School Reviews

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It had an amazing student atmosphere, and fun extracurricular activities. I enjoyed square dancing, and celebrating kindness month. The sponsered art tips, and FBLA tips were exiting, and educational.
Jeff North is a top school in the state of Kansas. It is a smaller school that competes at a larger school level. They are successful from athletics to academics to theater and everything in between. Beyond that, Jeff North has an outstanding community behind it helping them succeed. Overall, this school is a top tier school where the achievements are limitless with the right mindset.
It's a pretty good school, but the standardization and crap that goes through all the schools is dumb.
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You definitely have to maneuver your classes around to get them to work. Our teachers are very helpful and understanding this. I am currently taking a online course from Highland second semester for accounting one thanks to my counselor for telling me. Some people have a laxed courses their senior year but I don't have that for me. I have stayed pretty busy in my courses.
The school is not very diverse. But the reason for it isn't because we aren't excepting of other people. It's a small town, people don't move here much. So it seems to have the same social class here in our town generation after generation (for the most part).
Even though we are a small Kansas school, we still have the opportunity to participate in every extracurricular activity the school offers. Our school tries its very best to keep all of our organizations, clubs, and sports teams going. They try to be as adverse as we can be given our small numbers.
We come from a small community. My school is in Winchester, Kansas. We all know each other and each others families. It makes us a close school. We are friendly and kind to one another. Every single person I have seen has said, "hi, how are you" to our Special Needs students. We are respectful. Also in our school, over half the student population is in Band and Future Business Leaders of America. We also have a very high percentage of students participating in some activity throughout the year.
Our teachers work very hard at making a small Kansas school into a good education. They are very involved in each student and what activities we do. They would help us with anything needed done. There are exceptions though as there always is, some teachers aren't they greatest at teaching and their lectures don't seem to be as knowledgeable. But overall we have a great faculty and staff who show endless support to everyone of our students.
I'd say a majority of the students at this school are white, catholic, and athletic. But there is decent religious and political diversity. Homophobia is occasionally common but isn't a prominent bullying issue. Many students are respectful to those that are different than them. I personally haven't experience much judgement/negativity, and I'd say I'm very different from the majority. I guess it's subjective, many students here don't seem to judge you for who you are, but mostly for your character. If you're a good person, you'll fit in fairly well, that's my experience anyways.
Academics is manageable if you have decent work ethic. Lazy/disrespectful students might struggle. If you struggle with something you can easily get help on it. Some teachers have some strange methods (Art projects in english class, for example) but overall it's pretty good.
First of all, due to the school being below regulation and older than my parents, this school is very unsafe in the event of an extreme code-black situation (school shootings, stuff like that). But the school basically depends on the notion that the school would never get into that situation, which has been effective so far, but regardless, doesn't work 100%.Bullying isn't a huge issue unless you're an outcast, in that case you might get the occasional namecalling but no real physcial bullying or violence takes place. No school nurse, if you're badly hurt you'll likely have to wait for someone to make it to the school, not exactly sure how it works.

At no point have I ever felt threatened at the school, but if something bad were to happen the school doesn't have much defensive measures against said incidents.
Yearbook is the best club here. Exceptional.
The Good: The very few extracurricular activities this school DOES offer are usually done very well. The school does the few sports it offers to students very well as well, football games are a personal favorite of mine. Yearbook is great, the 2014-2015 yearbook is phenomenal.

The Bad: If you want to go very far with an extracurricular activity, it'd likely be in your best interest to branch out further than just this High School in order to get the opportunities that are appropriate for you. Theater is under-funded. Choir isn't great (Not the choir itself, being in choir, our choir sounds great). There's no baseball team. Which seems to be a fairly popular issue in the area as little league baseball was pretty popular some years ago. There's been a few efforts over the past few years to get a baseball team going but none of them have been successful. JCNHS doesn't seem like they even want one, they'd rather let their baseball field become overgrown with weeds and only clear it out for Gym class towards the end of the year. Many students say the school isn't supportive of a baseball team because it'd pull students off the track team. It's debatable whether there are enough students to fill a roster, but it's still sad to think we could have some talented players at the school who are going unnoticed because the school isn't giving them that opportunity. If you want to play baseball, you'll have to drive quite a ways to play on a city or traveling team, and many students/parents aren't interested in that measly alternative.

This isn't negative towards the school or how it's run, it's just my criticism.
There are many teachers at this school who are great. Many of which have been there for a long time, and are basically like family. There are a few bad apples, some avoidable and some not, but most of them are bearable at the very least. Some teachers are better than others, which is a given. There's one or two teachers who fail to understand that they're teaching high school, and the students they're teaching are not obligated to be enthusiastic or go above and beyond for a subject they don't care for, and are only taking because the class is a requirement. But the good makes up for the bad, and any cooperative and friendly student can still have a great relationship with these teachers.
It's the best go here for academics hands down.
Race,Religion or Type of kid?race it's going to be 100% white unless you get a random foreign exchange student or the two African American Students.Religion its 70% Christian 30% don't go to church or type of religion I'm noticing a lot of catholic.honesty I'm a person who's probably gonna go type of kid.....EVERY COLOR OF THE RAINBOW.we got goth,emo,artistic people,preps,jocks,snobs,wallflower,military weirdos,special ed,mean people,white boys trying to be gangster,country,fitness/athletic people,nerds,loners,gay and lesbian people,tomboy,boys who are girly,dubstep guys,potheads and the religious smart people.that's our diversity.
It might be challenging at time but the courses are amazing.Science teacher could stop being like a college teacher and stop being so dang technical.
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It's good considering its a country school.I mean I don't see any reason to have heavy yeahhhhh...
Pretty average for school but considering the school I came from its awesome for me they are how a school should be.Art and Yearbook are flipping fantastic!!!!:D those two teachers treat you like family.
I mean for a school it's average but I haven't really dealt with my classmates parents unless they are my friends.But even though you don't get to see them they are still supportive and go to games.
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