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Jefferson County Middle/High School Reviews

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The things that I like about Jefferson County Middle/High School are the students and their effort for trying the best at what their taught to do and I also like some of the teachers that been out here for a minute and have grown a bond with the students. But what I don't like about Jefferson County Middle/High School is that some of the other teachers have attitudes from time to time with students and try to get students in trouble for simple things and the school is boring there are no activities for students to have a good time this school term has been a boring one for us seniors because we haven't done anything fun or really engaging to us . So it has been a boring senior year for me and other seniors that goes to Jefferson County Middle/High School.
I have met some great people.
Teachers could do a better job of respecting the students opinion.
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It's a small town, I never really felt threatened.
They did punish troubled teens but I believe the student population overruled the student/teacher ratio.
It was apparent that some teachers did care and tried to control the unruly crowd. I don't dislike any of them but I also cannot recall a single one...
My experience in the R.O.T.C was bad but perhaps others found it stimulating?
I transferred from a major city (Houston, TX) to this zone school in 2008 my senior year. I found it odd that high school was merged with middle school but being a small town, I understood. I was also asked to re-take all my end-of-course tests (which I was told Florida would validate the equivalence) and the questions that were asked were too...simple. The teachers had difficulties with leading, the kids were disruptive, and all the material they were covering, I learned a year earlier. I tried to make the best of it but I kind of gave up when the R.O.T.C program that I have always been interested in turned to be a joke. Maybe it's because I came from a larger city or perhaps because I have always excelled in materials that I found this experience extremely dull and painfully awful.
There isn't a variety of activities for students to be involved in.
Jefferson isn't as bad as everyone says it is.
I love the teachers and staffs because they helped me through it all. Even getting ready for college.
I love the clubs we had at school.
The academics are very basic. Easy A's, if you just do the work.
I'd say there is 6:3:1 black:white:Hispanic ratio. As for sexual orientation, I'd say there is a 6:1 straight:lgbt ratio.
Some teachers are very caring toward the students and others are very rude.
Well I went straight to NFCC, where I was already a dual enrollment student. So, the transition was not a major one for me.
There is very little to do as an extracurricular activity, besides sports.
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The principal is like a dictator. It's her way or the high way. Stay on their good side or your life will be hell.
There are basically three sports. For guys, at least. Basketball, football, and track. If you don't play any of those then you were not one of the athletes.
I get tired of eat the samething almost everyday. Most of the time i dont eat school lunch. It needs to seriously improve.
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