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Jefferson County High School Reviews

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I'm just here to graduate and learn. I am not looking to meet a new best friend because my goal is to focus on school, get scholarships and hopefully be able to afford college.
I really like being able to understand things better through my teachers explaining it to me. I have moved along quickly and plan to graduate in January of 2017.
The counselors, principal, and instructors are kind and will support you 100%
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Jefferson County High School is more of a school were everyone does everything by themselves. When someone acts out the counselor deals with that person one on one. The punishment depends on the amount of warnings a student has and the situation. In most cases the student will be suspended from the program for a month. The counselor at my school site (there are four sites) is very helpful anything I've needed for preparing for college he is happy to help with. The people at the main building for Jefferson County High School are lovely. I had a few problems with sending a transcript and everyone was happy to help me through the process of having it sent 3 times. Overall the people are very helpful and policies fit the program well.
The school was flexible with classes and worked with me and cared about me.
I think the school did well when it came to discipline
The school tried to be safe and make sure that there was no fear of threats. The school tried its best to be drug free.
Great School sports program. The school encourages good spirit and the sports program encourages good grades.
Going to this Hight School gave me a fairly rounded understanding of the things that I need to make it through High School.
There is not toe of secerity. There are the basic safety measures for tornados and fires. My school is pretty unsafe any one can just walk in.
Since a majority of the course work was online, it was very easy to go at your own pace. If you were to have any questions, you could email your teacher or call the during office hours and they would help you the best way the could.
Most of the policies were pretty much straight forward. They were pretty strict, but could be forgiving.
Overall, I enjoyed this school. The work was challenging and there was support and help when I needed it. I would definitely go back again.
I was very prepared for college in almost all areas. I have had some trouble with writing papers but high school helped me learn how to take good notes and be prepared for tests and quizzes.
I did not pay attention to extracurricular opportunities. I know that they were fun, popular, and easy to get into.
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