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It’s very outdated and has very limited opportunities for their students. If you don’t stick out, you’re left behind. If you don’t play football, you’re left behind. Get out while you can
The only thing I liked about Jefferson County High School was the amount of fun I had. The teachers were okay but they definitely did not prepare me for college at all whatsoever. It seemed like the focus was more on getting the students involved in the school rather than education, in which I could understand given the fact that the school is very poor. I would just like to see a change in the entire school system altogether, starting with the principal. None of his solutions to the problems encountered at the school never work. He told us himself in a class meeting we had prior to multiple fights breaking out in one day that he knows he has failed. He's not a bad principal at all but I feel like he just needs a better team. It seems like he's running the school by himself because all of the other proffessionals who are suppose to help out don't quite fulfill their job.
Overall, I have had a great learning experience at Jefferson County High School. I believe that the education that I received here will be beneficial to my success in college.
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Jefferson County High School was an okay high school experiences . They have an awesome football team so the first semester is very interesting watching the team fight their way through the play-offs . Since it is based in a small community there are some teachers they that bend over backwards to help students however there are also some very lenient and lazy ones as well
This school was by far the most helpful institution there is. The teachers and faculty push us to be great and encourages students to strive for the best in everything they do.
My experience at Jefferson Countt High School was the best 4 years of my life ! JCHS is a very welcoming and friendly environment, and we are like one big family . There are lots of activities and sports . I wouldn't change a thing about my high school . Once a Warrior always a warrior !!
I would like to see teachers and students become more involved with each other. There is a certain level of respect that must be given and received in a school for everyone to learn successfully.
Overall my experience was good. The staff are all great and they truly care about the success of the students. The only suggestion I have is that they add more AP and possibly some IB courses so that students can challenge themselves and get more out of their education. This would also help students from this school when applying for competitive colleges since this high school is not very large and prestigious.
Great school with teachers that are dedicated to your education success. Great amount of choices for career paths. Support system from administration is overwhelming and greatly appreciated. This school is a great school that offers you the chance to be successful with your future.
There are may academics offer at this school such as, AP Lit, AP Calculus, Spanish, etc. However, in classes some classes like Advance Placement requires more work than the normal classes.
Peer pressure plays a major role in high school students. Many students are being pressured by their friends to do anything against their morals. However, instead of falling for peer pressure we can just go against what they want us to do. A man once told me," A person who forces you to do anything outside of your comfort zone is not your friend."
The extracurricular activities at our school keep many of our students out of jail. Being such a small county, makes it easier for some of my fellow classmates to go in the wrong direction. These activities help us build communication and team work skills that can be very useful in the future.
In the past years, Jefferson County High School had trouble getting along with each other. However, last year football season made an amazing change in our county. In fact, it even made the families stonger. I guess it was because they didn't believe kids from our county could ever be anything, but it was just something about our team that made them changed their minds. I wouldn't want to leave Jefferson County High School because every staff at that school believed in us. We have meetings with each individual grades to make sure we accomplish the target for that year.
The teachers at Jefferson County High School are always there to help the students. They try to make reasonable tests to ensure that we can comprehend what they are about. For our county to be so small, our staff goes beyond their job titles to provide us with the outstanding education we deserve.
The main thing that is affecting our school's safety is the gang related fights. In the past, some guys have smuggled in weapons such as shanks and pocket knives. Without the use of metal detectors, we will never know what a student may have on them, and they can lash out with that weapon at any time.
The list of extracurricular activities include Beta Club, Octagon Club, Spanish Club, FCCLA, etc. In my opinion, each club at Jefferson County High School has a high level of commitment, and they have a good amount of student participating. One of the fun options for me is Spanish Club, being that they host Culture Day, where we get to have a taste of the Latin culture : literally. They also hosted a field trip where club members got a chance to explore the Mexican mall in Atlanta, GA. In addition, the administration is supportive of all clubs and their after school activities.
Overall, I would have to describe my experience at Jefferson County High School as unequal, yet remarkable. The inequality of this school is demonstrated through sports; I feel that the administration cares more about football than our own academics. Another time where I feel a strong sense of inequality is at Honor's Day. The way the administration goes about rewarding those who have worked hard is ridiculous. Students who receive the perfect attendance award get to have parties as their reward, but students who obtain honor roll or distinguished honor roll, such as I do, only have the right to stand up where they are sitting, then they toss us a certificate on printer paper days later. That is pitiful! In middle and elementary school, we were given trophies, legitimate certificates, and medals for our hard academic work. Now, all we do is stand and receive a piece of paper, while the perfect attendance students enjoy pizza and ice cream. Truth be told, half of those students with perfect attendance do not even have passing grades, yet they get a larger reward than students who actually do work. Wow! On the contrary, Jefferson County High School does possess good qualities such as shop with a warrior. This is one event that gives the school uniqueness, being that students actually get to go out and shop for the less fortunate during the Christmas Holidays. Anoher event we have that show off our creativity would be homecoming, which is also one of my favorite experiences from JCHS. During this week, students get to show off their humor, creativity and overall dedication towards school spirit. Last, but not least, if I could do it all over, I probably would not choose this school again. This is because of other things that were unmentioned such as the lunch, our safety, respect between students and teachers, respect between the students, etc. The list goes on and ultimately, the bad outweighs the good.
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During my time at this high school, I was able to get the information i needed in order to be successful in my career choice of Performing Arts.
It was great consideringbtge size and activities we offered.
Jefferson County High School is an overall exceptional school. If it had the right amount of resources and better environment the school would get an A+ rating. The teachers generally care about student success and Dr. Alan Long, the principle, is a wonderful leader! He's very fair and kind.
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