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Jefferson County High School Reviews

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I have attended the Jefferson County School District my entire life. While it may not be the worst school in Mississippi, it could certainly be a lot better. It has failed to prepare me for the real world and many of the teachers (while there are some who genuinely show great care for students) do not care for the wellbeing of the students.
My experience at Jefferson county high was kind of okay . Even though I had no teacher barely for my sophomore , junior & upcoming senior year i still maintain good grades .
I have recently graduated and though Jefferson High is a small school with very few resources, the instructors continues to encourage the students to become extraordinary young men and women. That way, one day the students may be able to come back to his or her community and give back.
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It is a truly great experience! From the football game to the baseball! From the classes to the friendly people in the hallway it is truly great!
Jefferson County In Mississippi is a great school to me. It's not that much there but it's still great. The athletes do there work and make good grades. The principle is very encouraging. The teachers will help you if needed. Mostly everyone gets Alone with one another. I would like them to get more technology
I feel safe at school regardless. There has never been a time that I felt uncomfortable, misplaced, or out of place.
Not many after school activities is available other than sport practices but for the most part its GREAT.
I would choose this school again because this school grows on you. The people there are supportive and looking to help and many way they can.
The teachers at my schools are very helpful and easy to approach but sometimes we come encounter with those that is not always willing to lend a helping hand.
The most popular club we have at our school is TSA. We have approximately 90 students in that club. We travel from state to state and compete in all types of categories. TSA stands for technology student association.
What makes this school so unique is the teachers that work there. They make you feel as if you do matter. If I have to do it all over again, I wouldn't choose no other school but this one.
Teachers at our school are very welcoming and helpful.
The Jefferson County High School genuinely is a school of family. If you, as a student, attend school here, obey the teachers, and complete assignments effectively and on time, you have nothing to worry about. I would say that its is very traditional and executes procedures strictly by the book. Overall, my experience at the Jefferson County High School was unforgettable.
The Tigers of Jefferson County are well-known in the community. The community support them on their journey to take on another school.
Some of the teachers go above and beyond while others are just there to get a check.
This school is pretty bad at preparing you for the read world. The curriculum is not rigorous at all, and it doesn't teach you a sense of working for anything.
Since the new principal, I feel like the school will really move forward in the next couple of years.
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My school doesn't have fitness opportunities for the school. We do have an athletic facility but it is only used for the football players and not for all athletics involved. We have the basic programs like football, basketball, baseball and track. I wish they could offer dance, fitness program, tennis, soccer and etc.
Our school doesn't have a vast majority of extracurricular activities to offer due to funding. My school is small and don't have the extra things that other schools in a major city can offer the students.
At my school everyone is with a certain group. Only a hand full of people are very social and talk to everyone. Most people feel as if they are better than the next so they don't socialize with them.
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