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Jefferson County High School is one of the best schools in East Tennessee. The teachers are very passionate and dedicated to helping students learn the material, even if it requires before or after school assistance. The Faculty does a wonderful job of monitoring student behavior, security, and student needs. The students at Jefferson County demonstrate his or her talents by enrolling in AP courses, competing in competitive athletics, or performing in the beloved fine arts programs. The one thing I appreciate about Jefferson County is the actions they take to prepare students for the ACT. Once a week, the faculty takes 30 minutes out of our day for ACT tutoring. I have found this very beneficial because I have seen an increase in my score. One thing Jefferson County could improve on is the use of its budget. It focuses too much on sports rather than other areas of the school such as academic classes, fine arts, and school clubs.
The thing I like most about Jefferson County is probably the education it has a very good education rate, but the downside of that is that your teachers are only worried about you're education not you as an individual, that and the drug problem at Jefferson County is a big issue.
I went to Jefferson County High School and could not have picked a better school. Mr. Cagle is an amazing principle, advisor, mentor, and friend.
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I really enjoyed the 4 years I spent at this school. I loved the friends I made in the process, all the teachers I had the pleasure of meeting, the events I got to be involved in, etc. I do wish they would’ve been more helpful to some students who struggled though, I feel as if the students that struggled didn’t have a chance to have time with a teacher in order to completely process what they were told to learn.
The only change I would like to see is more determined students, and in the environment that JCHS gives, I can be very challenging to stay determined to go for greatness.
Jefferson County is not a bad school to go to, but some of the teachers can't teach us the correct way due to poor administration rules coming from our principals and the school board. Most students, unless they ask, are not informed about college opportunities. Also, instead of focusing on teaching us tips for the ACT, our school does TNReady testing prepping. I'd like to see many things change in our school, but mostly I think our teachers should be paid higher salaries. I hear about some teachers struggling financially, and it's bit fair to them. They teach the future generations of doctors, lawyers, and engineers.
Jefferson County High School is a very nice school. It is clean and has recently been remodeled. We have a lovely auditorium to perform in, and all of our sports do well. Academically speaking, I have learned so much from the teachers here.
Jefferson County High School is such a good school overall, the students are diverse there's so many clubs to chose from, and the classes we can take are so many. There is so many beautiful faces and ethnicities with a plethora of personalities. Not only that, but the schools clubs are involved with the community, even other countries! As well as many assorted ones to chose from. I am so excited about all the honor and A.P classes the next generation can take and get involved in. With everything going on in the world, I am proud to say our school is cutting down on bullying and harassment so well. Our principals and vice principals and teachers are involved and prepared for whats coming next.
I liked all the opportunites Jefferson County has. It has so many clubs and activities that anyone can get connected with and be a part of. Something is there for each and every person to do. What I don’t like is how unfair the school is. The discipline varies on who you are even if the act is the same. They tend to be more rough on the more “goody goody” kids rather than the ones who get in trouble more. The school focuses on our athletic program that doesn’t do very well. All in all the school connects people but has it’s focuses in the wrong areas.
All the teachers and staff are amazing. Jeff co cares for their students. They have whats called a program of study so that a student can find what they want to do and test it out while they are not paying for college. There are a ton of opportunity's to receive college credit
Could use a larger variety of optional classes. Overall, teachers are wonderful. Most directly engage students to peruse further studies and learn life developmental skills.
I have really enjoyed German club and my honers German class. The teachers at this school are fantastic.
I really like how close we actually are as a school and how helpful the administration is with preparing us for college. I would not be where I am now without the help from the teachers and everyone at this school. Jefferson County High School is a very good school that truly cares about its students. I would recommend it to anyone in the upcoming years.
my experience at Jefferson County High School has been very good. I have enjoyed my time as a Patriot. I play Football, Basketball, and track. The teams bring you together as family and its a great experience, i would like to see the diversity change a little more but its not that big of a deal to me. The people are very generous and caring.
I liked the material we covered. It was challenging and it helped us become well rounded citizens. The environment was open and friendly. It made all of the students feel welcome and secure coming to school each morning.
Some people hate that our school is so big. Personally, I love it. It gives you daily opportunities to meet new people that you have been going to school with for four years but only now just met.
All in all, I had a positive experience. However, the massive student population often made it very difficult to move around and to get into contact with the faculty that was needed.
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I made some of my greatest friendships at JCHS. Even if we didnt win games, the student section was always rocking.The teachers at JCHS are always looking to help the students do their best.
I truly felt cared for by my teachers. They seemed interested in me, my academics, and extracurricular activities. The thing that I would like to see change with the education system, not just at Jefferson County High but nationally, is the emphasis on standardized tests and the weight they carry on students' futures. We are more than just a standardized test score.
Being a senior in mostly AP classes, I think it's a pretty average school to attend. Most of the teachers I've had were excellent and are great resources to use when having a problem. Some of the downsides include the fact that once the school system gets money, they don't know how to use it. For example, instead of getting new tennis courts (which are very much needed, and the school said they'd get some), the school system decided to get a jumbotron for the football field (even though the team sucks). I enjoy this school for the main reason of the academics and clubs (some are actually decent).
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