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Jefferson County-DuBois Area Vocational Technical School (Jeff Tech) Reviews

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The school is very amazing. Hands on fast learning.
The faculty is great. You learn quickly and faster then others in a traditional high school
The school is great, the teachers for the most part really try to help out their students. The recent change in administration has brought in a new, pleasant atmosphere. The CO-OP program is excellent, I myself am on it and leave early to go to work where I train in my chosen career field. The only issue is the school is trying to eliminate the protective services shop claiming that there is no need for that career field in our area, which is a lie. We need police, fire, and ems in our area despite what they think.
There are not many clubs or after school activities.
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Jeff Tech's over all experience is great, not only do you get academics you also get to take a career classes.
Teachers at our school try there best to accommodate their students to their needs.
Student involvement here is not the best, peer pressure seems to be horrible because there has been a lot of people get into troube for listening to someone else. Students really don't like to accept others very well they would rather bully. You will most likely get mad fun of for who ever you are becuase a lot of students don't like to see others happy
The teachers are sometimes very unhelpful, some don't like to listen to what the students have to say, and some don't care if you miss a day they mark the assignment you missed as a zero because they don't feel they should give you time to do the assignment. The schedules are kinda hard to understand at first bc they are only a few classes each day. The work in some classes is very overwhelming and should be split up. There are no special study options, they give you the day of your test and then you come in a day or more later and take the test.
This school is pretty safe sometimes, they do accept kids that have put bomb threats out to there homeschool when they were there, bullying is horrible because there is a lot of it, the school nurse is very nice she helps you when you need medical attention or if you need to talk about medical situations. Personal safety is very touchy becuase there are students that will just pick fight just because, the school officer is a very nice guy he will talk to you if you want to talk to him instead of the office or guidance concuilor.
I say that it's okay becuase there are really no students parents that come to the school to actually see what goes on, on a daily basis. My favorite experience is mainly gym and sometime shop and academic classes. There is really nothin that makes the school unigue bc the school dont have and sports teams or amd school activies that you dont have to pay for. I wouldn't choose this school again because theres a lot of bullying and the teachers aren't all the nicest, helpful people, i also wouldn't choose this school bc it's not a very good school anymore, especially like it was back when my dad, uncle, and cusion went there.
I say it's okay because some of the teachers don't help the students very well and others help the students like they should. I also rate them okay because their teaching styles are not the best especially some of the math teachers, because the algebra teacher how does not give notes she just gives papers and sometimes it's on things she don't really know. There are a few teachers that are really good at keeping up with thir grading but theres others that wait till the last min to put in all the grade for the semester. There are some that have great communication skills and others make you feel like they dont really care.
There are a lot of things they need to work on
The staff and administration are helpful alot and like to figure out the best solution to your problem.
Jeff Tech doesn't have sports but e overall gym class is decent.
The teachers at Jeff Tech are some of the most caring that I've seen. They actually want you to understand and learn what they are teaching instead of just grading and moving on.
The building itself is very nice. They make sure it is clean and have just recently made renovations to it. They also have efficient tutoring and the teachers at Jeff Tech actually work with you so you understand, they want to see you succeed.
At Jeff Tech they don't have extracurricular classes or clubs.
They have a wide variety of whatever you want and it tastes decent, the culinary students also help prepare the food so they also get the hands on experience which is a wonderful thing.
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They act like their ages but the students are very artistic and hardworking when it comes to their shops. All students accept each other how they are but a rare few are trouble makes and do very bad things but they don't define the whole school.
Some have short tempers when it comes to students being lazy and not completing assignments or coming into class late but they are all focused on getting the best out of each and every one of their students
Teachers are very dedicated to helping their students but some do it in the wrong way. Some do have a short temper when it comes to students not doing work when they've known about it for awhile. When students leave school for events teacher's and students both make sure they have the work they will be missing for their classes. The work assigned isn't difficult and if its a length project teacher's make sure the students have ample time to complete the assignments. Also students are able to take a Chemistry class in their Junior or Senior year for either a choice between it and physics or as an extra class, which is very useful for those wanting to take a nursing course in college or anything else that takes college level Chemistry.
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