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This school offers a Christ centered education. My daughter did not start there until her Junior year and was accepted by everyone immediately! It is a close knit family environment where the teachers genuinely care how each student does!!!
It is a very good education, though the rules are strict and some teachers are very biased, the school is also very small.
My high school experience is extremely unique. I went to a small Christian school from first to twelfth grade. I spent my whole childhood with many of the same peers, teachers, and in the same building. This had many benefits and many downfalls. I loved my school; I loved the Christian environment. When you go to a school that is a family, you leave with a confidence and foundation like none other. Being a small school, it did have some disadvantages. The sports, facilities, and academics were not terrific. However, I would not change my high school experience given the opportunity
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Jefferson County Christian School is an amazing school starting at preschool and going through twelfth grade. There are teachers who truly care about every student in the smaller, Christian focused atmosphere. The school prepares students to live in the real world and grounds them in their faith. The drama and music programs are very strong and there are growing sports programs. There is a need for a better kitchen facility and some of the uniform and dress code rules need to be changed so they are not too strict. Overall, it is a wonderful school with great students and academics that prepare students for college.
At Jefferson County Christian School I saw a good community with caring teachers, friendly students, and helpful administration. Due to the small size of the school, rumors do spread quickly between students. There is was more gossip between students than I would like to see. I highly recommend this school for grades Pre-K to 6th.
Jefferson County School cares about it's students. It is a very small school, but there are many cliques. Despite the cliques, most everyone is friends. The teachers actually take the time to help you. They truly want you to succeed. I would recommend it for younger children.
This school is full of teachers who truly care about the well-being of their students and their academics. Their guidance counselor is very approachable and personal. However, it does not come without its fair share of problems. Often times, they are too scared or ignorant to realize that their students deal with problems (addiction, pornography, drugs, sex, etc.) like every other high school student in the world. Due to this, these problems are danced around and ignored. Maybe, if they would focus on the spiritual well-fair of their students more, and not their appearance, this school would be a driving spiritual force in its declining society.
Ok school. Small classes which is nice. But also too much of a clique mentality and very hard for those not fitting into ideal mold. Not many activities or clubs. Favorites picked for things like lead roles in plays or solos in performances. Great guidance counceler and unique language program. Field trips were very fun and worthwhile. Some great teachers, others are way too subjective and closed minded. Chapel on wednesdays was a great idea, but not much walking the walk afterwards.
This is a tough one because I had three teachers total my junior year. Two were great people, one wasn't. Two were good teachers, one wasn't (not the same people). The one who wasn't a great person, was the best teacher by far. However, she was only my favorite because I worked my tail off all year and she saw that. She was not as fond of the students who didn't try, understandably so. However, that sometimes seemed to affect her extra credit opportunities and they thought she had favorites. I still think she was the best teacher for those who wanted to learn.
The building is practically brand new. The auditorium isn't the best, but it is amazing what they are able to do for the productions.
We are very safe at this school.
The school has an extreme double standard as far as dress code and behavior. They are very strict on the girls, but the boys get away with just about everything. I'm not sexist AT ALL but it has gotten to the point where it is a little ridiculous.
They take up a lot of your time, more than I thought was necessary sometimes. Being in the spring musical was a good experience, although it was one of the most exhausting things I've ever done. Sports are a pain to be a part of because they schedule literally changes every day, which is hard on kids with working parents.
They make it very clear that they are a non-denomination Christian school.
There was no gymnasium or auditorium.
The Musical and the Basketball team were the best.
The dress code, even on dress-down days, was extreme
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To be admitted to this school, I was required to take an evaluation exam with the principal. There was not much financial aid available, which was a problem.
Every teacher at JCCS impresses me with their depth of knowledge and diversity among subject matter. They engage us through technology effectively and capture our attention. They show love more than most people I have ever met. Many I have referred to as second moms and dads to me. They are able to communicate with us in an understanding and compassionate way. They not only help us academically, but in our overall lives. Teaches head the extracurricular as well and they make them worth participating in.
It is the experience that has shaped me most as person for the good. It is truly a place where love is overflowing and excellence just captures everyone. I recently said, "I wish JCCS was a college too, because I would stay here forever."
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