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I absolutely loved the opportunities offered at JCHS. Every student has classes, clubs, and sports available to their interests. The wide variety of people at this school has taught me life skills I will carry forever.
I really love the school for all the clubs and activities it has. I have had some pretty cool teachers over the years and created memories that will stick with me forever. I don't like all the construction going on right now but I know it is to modernize our school and make it better ads safer for future students
This school is nothing but average. They constantly try new projects (academies, iPads, #jaysread), taking up our class time to explain them, then drop them without warning. This year, massive renovations are being made all over the school, which results in constant detours, drills so loud we can't hear our teachers, and classrooms that change every few months. JCHS is just "fine."
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What I like about JCHS was that it is a little diversed than the other high school in my opinions. I like that we had fun parties and school dances, and also the teachers were great and nice. I did not like the easy way to pass a class with a "D" or above, personally they should boost that up to at least a "C+".
Other than that I really do not have any complaints about Jefferson City High School.
I loved that is was so easy for me to get involved in sports and activities. I was also able to hold some leadership positions pretty easily. I also loved taking lots of AP courses and honors courses to help prepare me for college. I think JCHS prepared me pretty well academically for college for the most part. I will say I had trouble learning how to study in college since I did not study much in high school.
I liked attending this school because the teachers care about the students along with their education.
Jefferson City High School offers many clubs and organizations to become involved. The big concern I have at our school is it is overcrowded and we have a high dropout rate.
This school is a great school. Teachers are caring and offer tutoring after and before school. Like most schools, you do have that 15% of teachers that are just waiting for retirement age or those who take too much time off to teach the way that is needed to reach all levels of students. The administration is also good but some take authority to their head. What I love the most about my school is they offer a alternative school for students with depression, social issues, drug problems to go to so they can receive one on one teaching and small class sizes. This extra school helps everyone because these students that do not want to learn are separated from those student that do want to learn. My school was overpopulated but this will all change in 2020 when a new second high school will be built and future students will be separated into 3 schools and of course when class size is reduced this benefits everyone.
My kids had good experiences overall in most every way. They got involved and got to know their teachers.
I like the way Jefferson city high school has so many clubs and activities for different students to be a part of. However they have implemented some changes to the bell schedule and tardy policy that have caused more kids to miss more class.
JCHS is overall a good school. The majority of the teachers and administration actually care about the students. The counseling department is really good at making your schedule work for you. I got to take many advanced classes that involved me getting bussed from the 9th-grade center to the high school and it was never a problem. There is definetitely a lack of diversity, but that comes with living in the area. I have enjoyed my time here as much as anyone can enjoy high school.
JCHS is a big school, 2000+ students not including freshmen. The class sizes aren't bad at all, and most of the teachers can be helpful. Overall it is a pretty good place to attend as there are a lot of classes that can help you work towards your career path.
One thing I liked about Jefferson City High School is the amount of different activities and clubs they have for students here. One thing they could change is not being so focused on student's attendance, rather what they learn while they are at school.
I liked the different social groups there were there. I was able to make lifelong friends there. They gave us a lot of opportunities to get involved in the school and the community. I was able to do a work program where I would work 20 hours a week at my normal job and then I would get a block off of school every day. I really liked that because it gave me more flexibility throughout my day to do homework and to work. I would change some of the faculty there because they were kind of like poison and was holding every one around them down.
Jefferson City High School offers a plethora of unique clubs and extracurricular activities that appeal to many. For the most part, the school is clean and the teachers I have had make extra time to work with students who may be struggling with their class. Counselors provide access to scholarship opportunities and are willing to help students with scheduling issues.
This is a huge family every teacher shows love and appreciation for each student. The food is A-1 the café is always clean and the staff knows the students by name. The counselors and administration works extremely hard to provide a great enviorment for the students. Coach Ted LePage is and will always be the most caring coach on earth. He love the sport of football and treated us all like family. He taught me to respect everyone .
I'm probably most thankful of my school's strong academics; there are plenty of advanced placement and dual enrollment courses offered at this high school, and the vast majority of teachers are passionate and committed to making sure that their students succeed.
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I love JCHS. The teachers there are amazing, they truly care about the students and helping them succeed. The principals all help the kids do their best and genuinely want the students to be happy.
The school has a very diverse atmosphere that contains a bunch of clubs and friend groups. The school is very prideful through their academics, sports, and music programs. JCHS strives to be open for every student and it is obvious. Jay pride never dies, and the culture of the school shows it.
As far as academics go, Jefferson City high School (Jc) does meet the standards. The curriculum does match the grade levels and presents a challenge. With those challenges, I do believe Jc needs teachers that are able to help students get through the challenges, not just throw the work at them and expect them to get it. That does not apply to ALL teachers, but more than a few. Also, a senior last year getting to class and lunch and restrooms was overwhelming due to the magnitude of traffic in the halls. I believe it would be beneficial to build another high school, one is not enough. In the future I would like to see more parents involved with the school, sometimes it seems as if administration wants to handle everything alone. I like the fact that Jc offers multiple clubs for " every kind " of kid to be involved in.
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