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I love JCA. It truly feels like a family here. We fight and bicker sometimes, but no matter what we’re going through we always have each other’s backs.
Great school! From the first time we walked through the door, we were treated like family! After only meeting the middle school principal once, she knew my kids by name when we seen her at registration.
Both my middle schooler and elementary student had a great first year.
I really love that the students were very welcoming and friendly, and the teachers went above and beyond to make sure everyone got the attention they needed academically.
Every Wednesday morning we have club time with club rotations weekly
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JCA could have multiple improvements made, but overall it is a great place to grow spiritually and create lasting and meaningful relationships with the students and staff.
School's exterior and a wing added recently; however, the bathrooms are horrible! At times the teachers don't allow children to wash their hands with soap and water nor is there a stool available for them to use, the kids use hand sanitizer. Facilities could be better. School does not employ a nurse, haven't seen any health programs for the kids, safety is okay.
Wish there was more for the elementary kids as not much is available.
Overall experience has been "basic".
Often see favoritism with teacher's children. Bad behavior in classroom, lunchroom, and after care. Need more discipline with the child that misbehaves. The whole class should not have to suffer due to 1 child's misbehavior.
It's a great school with wonderful people. The teachers really care about you.
The only problems that I have had with this school is that the try to force the practices of the Church of Christ on people of many denominations, things are hidden from the students or shared with us at the last minute, and there's a sort of favoritism placed on staff children and their group or friends. Also, there is no true support for the cheer leading team from the school, while every other sport gets the ultimate attention from staff.
I would chose this school again, if I had to do it all over. I enjoy going to school everyday. I realize the teachers put a lot of effort and planning into their lessons. I feel they truly care about me succeeding. I enjoy working with the students in my class. Besides academics, I enjoy socializing with my friends. As a senior, I feel Jefferson Christian Academy is a well-rounded school.
The teachers I have had are real engaging. They always have us participating in a group discussion which has us involved in higher level thinking skills. They are very friendly and approachable whenever a student is struggling. They may also offer to help during a study period or after school. The staff at Jefferson Christian Academy genuinely care about the students.
Our school recently made an addition and upgrades to the school to accommodate students. Each student has their own personal iPad that replaces the use of books. They offer college prep courses, ACT prep classes, and Dual Enrollment classes that are offered to Juniors and Seniors. They have tutoring sessions every single week for those that need it. The school has a Fall Festival. Teachers, parents, and students work together to make the festival a success.
I feel that Jefferson Christian Academy is a very safe school. Teachers are very watchful of students, alert, and ask questions if they do not know why they are there. They have a policeman on duty at the school during any sports events. Parents and students are asked to sign a safety policy. I do not have to worry about my safety, while I am at school.
The principal, the counselor, the coach, and most teachers not only are involved after school in some type of program, but go on to sport events afterwards. The principal attends all sports events, as well as most teachers. They seem to enjoy attending and show a lot of pride for their school. They come because they want to attend, not because they have to. During school and after school, the teachers seem to be very helpful, even if you are not in their class. They give the school a family atmosphere.
Our school offers Drama, Debate Team, Yearbook Staff, Creative Writing, Science Club, Math Geeks, and Christ Formation. In my opinion debate team is most fun. There is a teacher in charge of each club. Most teachers stay after school. After school activities include: Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Cheerleading, Play and Musical practice.
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