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Jefferson Area Senior High School Reviews

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I love it! I am a senior at Jefferson Area High School currently and I recently moved here from a different school and I love this new school it really is amazing.
Going to high school at JAHS is a valuable experience because the faculty there genuinely wants to see you succeed and will go above and beyond your expectations.
Such a good high school, teacher helped very much and everyone was very friendly and caring. Academics were serious as were athletics.
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The current principal is the best! While there are not many AP courses offered at this school, the principal will always do anything to help with accommodations. The students are slightly rebellious, but overall are smart hardworking students. The teachers work with everything they've been given and work very hard to give the students every piece of knowledge they can.
I liked that I good quality education. I felt that the teachers were very helpful and wanted to see everyone succeed. I think more needs to be put into the athletic programs.
Jefferson Area Senior High School allows students like me to get a proper education and prepares us for life after high school.
I have been going to Jefferson Area Local Schools my entire schooling career. This school has always felt like a second home to me and coming here makes me feel welcome and comfortable. The staff and teachers feel like a second family to me and they treat every individual student equally. Overall it is a very wonderful school to attend and I am so glad that I have gotten to spend my entire high school career here.
My experience at this high school has been very positive and has provided me with many tools to be college ready. This school is a very friendly school with hardly any bullying activity. The school provides many programs/clubs that the students can be active in, such as choir, band, theater, athletics, National honor society, digital imaging, foreign language, etc. Overall this high school is very safe because the school works closely with the local police to promote a safe environment at school.
I have enjoyed my years in the Jefferson schools. I have been involved in band, soccer, model UN, along with other clubs and sports. The teachers are helpful and I have made great friends with my peers. We have a new building and sport complex that are great!
I never felt unsafe being at Jefferson Area High School.
I really like my school. There is always something to participate in. Whether it be a sport or a club.
Most of the teachers really care about their subjects and students. They try to incorporate real life situations to help students relate to the subject.
I had some really nice teachers and learned a lot, but some weren't the greatest.
Some seem to really care and are always nice, but others are typically mean and don't seem to care as much.
This school is great because we are a small school where everybody knows everybody. Everyone has a lot of school spirit and most people get along. I would choose this school because the majority of the teachers do what they can to make you succeed and they actually care about you.
The teachers here care about the students and try to help them to be able to survive in the real world.
There isn't really any extracurricular activities, and if there are, I haven't heard of them.
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There is a somewhat good variety of classes you can take. There's only one language, Spanish, and I wish there was more languages to choose from. There's a few art classes, computer classes, and science classes. There isn't a very good variety of math classes, english classes, or history classes.
I feel absolutely safe at this school. We have one police who has his own office at our school and he watches the halls during class and he talks to some of us individually and does a very good job at making sure we are all safe. The doors stay locked on the outside, so no one is able to get in and when going through the office, you have to sign in to be a visitor.
I wouldn't really choose this school again because I think that there are better schools out there for me.
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