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Two of my children currently attend Jefferson Academy and they are both thriving. I love the leveled reading and math! I also really appreciate the emphasis on character building and reinforcing good behavior. I feel the methods used are helping my kids become not only better students, but better individuals. I am impressed with the overall well-rounded education my kids are receiving and I love the emphasis on U.S. history. So far, all my dealings with the teachers, administration and staff have been positive. We're proud to call ourselves Jefferson Eagles.
This school is fantastic! The one review that was negative does not describe our experience at Jefferson at all. The director is phenomenal. She is so involved and has a great vision for the school. The teachers are AMAZING! The communication between teachers and parents is the best I've seen. The curriculum is challenging. Class sizes are small. The special events are meaningful and well done. Kids take ownership in improving their school. Safety comes first here. We've made really great friendships and it feels like family at the school.
I'm a grandparent of Jefferson Academy students. I am constantly amazed by the incredible things they share with me whenever I get to see them. They are so happy in their school, speak very fondly of their teachers and principal, and are able to really discuss their learning with me! When I ask them about what they're doing in school, they tell me about their STEM projects, the leveled math and reading classes they're in, their amazing playground and other special classes they get to take and just how much they love all the staff and their friends. I'd like to thank Jefferson's principal, teachers, and support staff for providing such a nurturing and loving environment for my grandkids to learn in. It's a beautiful school, and I love to go and visit and watch them in their programs. I hope they get to keep attending for their whole elementary career!
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It is unfortunate that teachers have to submit positive reviews of this school in order to drown out negative reviews. I suspect there have been several new negative experiences that have motivated more parents to come forward. Be cautioned. Most of the recent positive reviews are from teachers in an effort to improve the rating of this school. Look deeper into google reviews for true experiences that accurately reflect the environment your children would be in. Nicole Jones is not a good elementary level director. The leveled learning is amazing but the environment is not.
This school is awesome. The administration is fantastic. The administrator works tirelessly to give these students the best environment to learn in. Also the class sizes are small giving the teachers the time to help their students succeed. And lastly the parents are amazing and volunteer makinging this the best school!
Jefferson Academy provides a great learning environment for students in all grades! The morale of the school is positive and uplifting. I love the core principles that are taught school wide that assist in building strong foundations and in turn will help children succeed in the future!
Words can't describe out amazing I think this school is. I have taught here for over seven years and have no plans of leaving. The environment is so positive! We think the world of our students! I see so many teachers and staff go above and beyond each day to help all the students succeed!
Excellent teachers and a very involved director. The history emphasis includes integration with other subjects making it very conducive to great retention of learning.
My four children have attended Jefferson Academy, and I could not be more pleased with the level of education they have received. I love the focus on history and the love and respect my children have learned for their country. Math and Reading instruction is leveled, so my children are challenged academically. The administration is top notch, as well.
I am a teacher at Jefferson Academy, and both of my own children are graduates. We have loved the small class sizes and the caring teachers who not only guided their minds but helped them through difficult times and celebrated their successes.
Jefferson Academy is a great school. It’s organized, cared for, and a happy place to be. The grade level teachers care so much about the students success in the classroom and are willing to do anything to help them reach their full potential. I love that each student is tested at the beginning of the year and then placed in a leveled class for reading and math. It makes me know the children are getting extra practice in the subject if they need it and if they are ahead, are receiving above grade level education. Jefferson has a full library, a fun P.E. program, successful music programs, and learn new techniques in art each week. The director at Jefferson Academy wants the staff and students to succeed and does everything she can to make Jefferson a great environment.
The smaller class sizes have huge educational benefits. The teachers care about each child's learning success!
The director knows each child by name and is very passionate about providing a positive learning environment for each child. I love coming to work and being a part of the staff members who want the best educational experience for your children!
My children love being students at Jefferson Academy! The emphasis on quality curriculum and standards-based learning help the students to really excel. The class sizes are smaller which leads to a better learning environment overall. The teachers really do care about each student and are highly qualified and capable of helping students reach their potential. As a parent, I am highly satisfied with our experience at Jefferson Academy!
Jefferson Academy is such a positive learning environment. Some of the best educators I have ever met teach at this school.
This school is fantastic. I have been working here for 5 years and absolutely love the school's environment. Honestly, my commute here is super long and I have thought about working at a closer school, but I will brave the commute to work here! The director is incredibly positive and organized, providing us with all the resources we need. I am constantly impressed how she really talks and connects with students. The other teachers are so creative and supportive, providing safe and caring classroom communities. The students are enthusiastic and well cared for. If I had children, I would choose to send them to this school!
This is an amazing school. Students receive an excellent education from caring teachers. The director is incredible. She goes out of her way to make the school a great environment and creates excellent opportunities for students to become great citizens. Highly recommend this school.
This school is amazing. I've been working here for 3 years and all other schools I've worked at didn't even come close to our standards. Every student is cared about and administration works very hard to make sure that no one falls through the cracks. Our director make sure that all needs are met, both student and staff. This school is why I am for school choice. If you have the option to send your child here, you should.
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Jefferson Academy is an absolutely WONDERFUL school! The teachers, administration and support staff are the best! Just walking in you can feel the positivity and love that everyone has for their jobs. My child and I have been SO happy with the choice to be here. I am so grateful for the leveling system. I know that my child is being challenged and is getting exactly what he needs. He loves their STEM program!
This is such a great school. It has such a positive caring atmosphere. The teachers and staff are caring, dedicated professionals, and the director is phenomenal! She knows each student by name, and goes above and beyond her job description to make sure the needs of students and teachers are being met!
What an amazing school! The focus on history builds character and really helps children learn about our country and develop a love of their country! The curriculum is differentiated and really focused on helping every child and meeting their needs. The teachers work well together and the principal knows almost every child by name. Its such a positive place to be!
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