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I have two daughters that attend Jefferson Academy. We have been here for two years and in a few weeks the kids are going back to school for our third year. I have been loving this school. Most of the teachers here are great and genuinely care about the kids. I love that they test the kids and place them according to their skill level. My soon to be third grader has tested into 4th grade math so this coming year thats what she will be doing. Also my Kindergartner has tested into 2nd grade reading so she will be going to first grade but working a level up on her reading. Thank you Jefferson Academy! PS The principal is also amazing. She is easy to work with and willing to help the children in whatever way she can!
Jefferson Academy is an inclusive school. The director cares about her students faculty and staff. The teachers and kind and qualified. Upgrades are constantly being made to keep Jefferson Academy fresh. We have had a child enrolled in Jefferson Academy since they began enrollment. When our children left Jefferson Academy Charter School to attend junior high, they had above grade level test scores and pride in doing their best.
This school has never been able to pull it together. High turnover of teachers and administrators. Board hasn't got a clue how to run a school.
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Both of my children are at Jefferson and have had a great experience. Aside from a high turnover rate from young female teachers (getting married or having children) the overall operations seem decent. I feel my kids are about a grade level higher in math and science that nearby public schools. Some teachers have assigned an abnormal level of homework (last year my daughter had almost 2.5hrs of homework every night) but overall I feel like the school does a great job.
This school's administration needs to have a serious overhaul. The director is unqualified, emotionally immature and lacks the leadership skills necessary to successfully run a school. Many teachers are unhappy and several families have left the school throughout the year. Physical fitness classes are a joke and not taught by a qualified instructor, recess is cancelled for the slightest bit of snow and kids are not in a nurturing environment. If administration and several teachers were replaced with caring professionals this school would thrive.
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