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Jefferson Academy High School Reviews

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Jefferson Academy High School was a great college-prep high school. Academics can cause a lot of stress and there isn't great support for mental health issues. Counselors and admin can help a lot with your ambitions, though. If you want to get something changed in the school or if you want to do something new you definitely can. Most teachers are really good at their job. Some bullying problems but less than most high schools
I really like the people and how small the school is. I dislike the block schedule because I only have each subject for half a year, which gives me more time to forget what I learned. There are a lot of higher level classes offered, like Advanced Placement and college classes through Front Range Community College. The teachers are nice, understanding, and they know what they are talking about. The people are also nice and because the school is so small everyone knows pretty much everyone, which can be a good or a bad thing depending on the person. I really like it. The building is nice and new, it has a very open feel to it.
Jefferson Academy High School has been a great fit for me because of it's smaller size, the athletic programs and clubs, the teachers, coaches, and mostly the challenging curriculum. The rigorous curriculum along with the opportunities to take college classes has really helped me prepare for college. My counselor and teachers have been very helpful and care a lot about my education. I have also had the best soccer and track coaches anyone could ask for. Overall my Junior High and High School experience here at JA has been truly great.
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Jefferson Academy was an incredibly challenging school, but it certainly helped me prepare for college. Most of my classes are easy compared to some of the ones I took at JA. All of the teachers are welcoming and care about your education.
The teachers are good and the curriculum is hard but it does prepare you for college. However the admin is ridiculous and very bad.
Jefferson Academy has been my home since first grade, excluding a short stint my freshman year at a public school. In my time away from JA, I gained a profound perspective on just how lucky the students are. As a charter school, the curriculum is a little different than an average public school, and it is definitely more rigorous. The education and work ethic that you learn at JA is amazing, and really gets kids ready for college. The teachers all care so much about their students, and the small size of the school allows for teachers to understand most of the needs of the students. They push students to do their best because they care, and they see the potential of the students. The sports and clubs are not the most amazing, but everything is growing, and allows students to lead and grow with the programs. I would definitely recommend Jefferson Academy if you are interested in a rigorous School for your student.
The school is amazing. I have been only at public schools before I went and this school is by far better. The teachers are very helpful and engaged with the students. The school takes academics and college readiness very seriously.
In a school as small as this one, it's easy for bonds to be formed, especially between student and teacher. The disconnect happens between the admin and student. The budget is spent oddly and quite ineffectively. Athletics holds a huge amount of importance to the admin, even as we're told to be focusing on academics. My suggestion? Listen to your students and what they have to say about how money should be spent. They are the future, and as smart as we are credited to be, we have very little say in what actually goes on monetarily.
This school take academics very seriously, almost too seriously.
There are measures available, but they are not very prominent.
I have attended this school for my entire high school career and I'm in my last year. The school spends its money on useless things like televisions for the gym, instead of buying new gear for the track team when the equipment is falling apart. The clubs struggle to get support and are often removed because of funding and Students struggle to balance the amount of homework with a club or sport and often have to drop it to keep up with the curriculum. The only thing that makes this school unique is that it has won several awards in academics. However if I could do it all over again I would never go back to this school.
This school is honestly pretty great. It challenged me and taught me how to work hard for good grades. The extracurricular activities are great and I participated in as many as I could, I'll never forget my experience there or some of the wonderful teachers there.
This school has really taught me to push myself and reach for my goals. The rigorous schedule taught me to plan ahead and procrastinate as little as possible. Along with this, this school has taught me that hard work pays off in the end. The students and faculty at this school are very kind and welcoming to all. New people in the school's community are always welcomed and accepted.
I do not eat buy food from school, so it is difficult to say much about this. Most students are fairly content about the food provided at school, and there are always many options available.
The principal and guidance counselors at this school are very good at their jobs and are always lending a hand to students. The office staff is also very welcoming and are glad to help with any problems a student or parent may have. Attendance in this school are very high; most students skip school only if absolutely necessary. Dress code is being enforced more strictly than before now, but students are still allowed to dress however they wish (as long as it is school appropriate, of course).
This school has plenty of options to choose from when it comes to sports. Most students participate in at least one sport, and all students support the school athletes. Sport options range from the typical basketball and track and field to the less common such as golf and lacrosse. The school's sports teams play fairly well at games and events and often attract large crowds of students who cheer on the players.
All of the teachers at this school are extremely good at what they do and are always doing what is best for the students. All the teachers are knowledgeable and help students who are struggling. When asked what students like most about this school, many say that the teachers are what makes this school great.
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There are many extracurricular activities in this school that cater to all kinds of interests. New clubs are added every year to expand to diversity.
The school is really good at preventing health and safety problems. There are required classes and assemblies that the students have to take as well as people to go to when something has happened.
The people at this school tend to be very accepting, although there are a few cliques. Over all anyone can get along with everyone. No one cares what race you are or the culture you live by. We have not ever had to deal with someone being gay or bisexual before so I am not sure how we'd react. We tend to have a very strong christian group of people, so that might not be as open. Lastly, there is almost no peer pressure to do anything wrong from drinking and drugs to cheating on assignments.
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